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Footsteps at the horizon

Version 1:  Music: GregJam This moving kaleidoscopic…

Highland Revolution

On this historic day that President Biden officially…

GregJam 149 with Megan

 GregJam is a 100% improvised "sonic yoga" experience where…
contemporary abstract art



Leaping Off Creative Cliffs

Much love to the collaborators who took the leap off a creative…
contemporary art collaboration

Serpent King

Serpent King My Shaolin master taught me when I was 18 that…
artist creative exercises

Flow Line Exercise 5 25 20

Freedom is not a given. I practice flow dynamics to keep…

Flow Line Exercises

 This is a "Flow Line Exercise". The practice is as…
video art

Merging 3 Disciplines of Freedom

Merging 3 disciplines of freedom. . 1. A spontaneous evening…
gregory Beylerian reads love poems from his collection entitled Love and Truth

Reading Poems from Love and Truth

I hope you are all well and making lemonade from Corona lemons.…
contemporary mixed media art

Corona Calm

 We can not control all the chaotic winds around us but one…
A figurative work of art that merges photographic aspects with painting, video and sound (GregJam 164) to stimulate a new dimension of awareness.

Do you see me

 A figurative work of art that merges photographic aspects…

Happy Valentines Day Heart

On Valentine's Day, Luna, Jude and I painted this Big Heart…
contemporary figurative art

Lose Yourself

 The human form has been the subject of great beauty and…

Figurative Art in One Minute

This video reveals 297 images in one minute that were created…
social commentary contemporary art about thanksgiving
figurative art video
contemporary art music video

Going To Bali music video

 Dancer: Stephanie kate 100% improvised Music: GregJam Michael…

Life Is Beautiful

Life is beautiful Not because your dream has come true. It's…

Jelly Fish

Hell’s Belle

 Music: GregJam

Sensual ColorForms


Wet Clouds

 MUSIC: GregJam

BodyWorks in motion

 Selected Stills from Bodyworks in motion:

Love Box

 Music: GregJam

GregJam 72 Live

INFO: GregJam 72 Live (Gregory Beylerian, Michael Vest…