contemporary art collaboration

Serpent King

contemporary art collaboration

Serpent King

My Shaolin master taught me when I was 18 that to be truly effective and beneficial in the world, one needs to first develop and harmonize the energies of the body, mind and spirit.

Thru the years I adopted these ancient practices into the process of art making and collaborate from time to time with the youth, to share these principles in an experiential format.

During the recent mass protests, Paolo came to collaborate on a work of art. The violence, looting and burning in the city was palpable in the air. One could feel the energy all around us as the studio is located in the heart of Los Angeles. There was the constant roaring of police sirens and our phones sounded alarms regularly, warning us that ignoring curfews could result in arrest.

I am so proud of Paolo as he was able to effortlessly embrace the dynamics of the process under the surrounding circumstances and together we created this work of art. A transformation of poison into medecine, Serpent King is the therapeutic outcome of our creative journey together.

It is easier to demand Unity. To be an expression of unifying energy however is a more profound practice for which sharing a blank canvas is an excellent exercise.

The music was created using the same principles, in sonic form:

100% improvised: GregJam 117 – track 2

Guitar 1: Michael Vest

Guitar 2: Nico Borromeo

Bass: John X

Drums: Greg B.

Pascale, the mother of Paolo wrote this after this project: 

17 years ago, my beautiful son Paolo made me a mother … I experienced unconditional & love @ first sight at once. I quickly  noticed a highly sensitive personality in this gorgeous baby…an incredible  artistry, through his first school art projects. In middle School his  participation to one of Greg & Jude’s  “artist in residence” project , brought back that passion, through a  very mature mural painting … he rediscovered his love for art and has been drawing and painting ever since. 

This last collaborative piece with Greg was another epiphany. During this pandemic, the isolation, the stress, made most of us  vulnerable and worried about the future…Through  that piece, they used some symbolic explosives to create some texture and bring some dynamic to the painting. The eclectic background music choice used while they were creating the piece, brought their unique artistry and sensitivity together. They painted in

harmony, letting go of insecurities… the result,  a powerful, vivid, beautiful piece which is pretty representative of the moment. Looking for a brighter future for the mankind. Hope…

The stars in the eyes, the body language I saw during that process, mesmerized me. Paolo’s art is his personal way of expression and he couldn’t have found a better mentor than Greg… 

I really wanted to express my gratitude for giving my son a “voice” through your collaboration and mentoring. I am using this word for a good reason as Paolo was selectively mute in public for the first important years of his life… 

I believe that art will save his life, thank you for being a part of it… ❤️😘😘🙏🏼