contemporary figurative art by gregory beylerian

Thru the studio mirror

contemporary figurative artworks

Triumph over Adversity

Triumph over adversity. Beauty is the spirit that rises from…
contemporary figurative art

The primordial flame awakens


Action Painting a 70×70 inch Canvas

I have been working on a 70x70 inch commissioned painting…

About Lines and Love

 What do lines and love have to do with each other?
contemporary figurative art

From The Shadows

From the shadows a neon soul illuminates possibility for…
contemporary artwork

With Love and Truth

21 years ago I flew to Paris and married Jude after only…
contemporary abstract art


contemporary figurative art, reclining nude

Peace Inside

The dimension of form is composed by the energy that paints…
contemporary figurative art
contemporary portrait artwork by gregory beylerian

Like A Phoenix

 Like a Phoenix... . she burst into flames and was reborn…
contemporary mixed media portrait of a buddha

Patience As We Awaken

Leaping Off Creative Cliffs

Much love to the collaborators who took the leap off a creative…
contemporary mixed media art harley davidson shovelhead by gregory beylerian

The Dark eagle

 As a kid, I spent countless hours holding the Meatloaf…
contemporary abstract moving art

Thoughts Paint Reality

 There is often a confusion between facts and opinions. Developing…
contemporary abstract figurative art

Soft Perceptions

Stills from abstract figurative motion video displayed using…
contemporary figurative video art

Eve Of My Paradise I married Jude in Paris after…
figurative video art by Gregory Beylerian

Phantom Form


Behind The Scenes Of An Art Shoot

Below is an example of a completed work of art created from…
mixed media art portrait

Space Face

 Painting, photography, digital animation and sound were…
contemporary figurative art by gregory beylerian

Sun Lover

contemporary video art by Gregory Beylerian artist

The Immortal Essence

The immortal essence within all of us desires to be boundless,…
making of a self portrait

The Making of A Self Portrait

The making of a self portrait reveals dimensions between essence…
beylerian artist family

The Unity Tree

It is our family’s wish contribute to a more inclusive…

Form and Flow

 My wish is to restore the perception of the human form from…
contemporary art collaboration

Serpent King

Serpent King My Shaolin master taught me when I was 18 that…
artist creative exercises

Flow Line Exercise 5 25 20

Freedom is not a given. I practice flow dynamics to keep…
contemporary figurative art photograph


Flow Line Exercises

 This is a "Flow Line Exercise". The practice is as…
contemporary figurative art

From Amoeba To Man

 From amoeba to man, Life engineers beauty to empower…