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Sensual Breeze

Goddess Frequency

  200 images in 22 seconds. My figurative work has…

Santa’s Reindeer

 One of Santa’s reindeer was spotted on the…

Torso at Gagosian Gallery

 Torso is an augmented reality figurative sculpture that…

Venus Reimagined at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Install 3:  Venus Reimagined…

Love Unites All AR Sculpture at The Whitney Museum

 This augmented reality figurative sculpture was placed…

Love Unites All at MOMA

 This large scale augmented reality figurative sculpture…

Kent The Elephant

 Kent the elephant spotted in front of the newly…

Black Torso at Times Square

 Black Torso is a medium scale augmented reality…

Large Black Torso at MOMA

 This large scale augmented reality figurative sculpture…

Black Torso at the MET

 This small scale augmented reality figurative sculpture…

Creativity is a language of the visionary

 Creativity is a language of the visionary, without it…

The Naked Eye

 Developing multi dimensional artwork. Raise your phone…

Hypnotic Love Skull

Bubble Forms

 The Printed Version:

Kinetic Brushstrokes

Bokken Art Sword

A Bokken is a Japanese wooden sword used in martial arts…

Smokey The Bandit

new media artwork by gregory beylerian

White bricks and butterfly lips

new media figurative artwork

Beauty is a frequency

new media contemporary painting

Frequency Painting

new media figurative art

Melt Into Now

The Beauty of raindrops

new media contemporary figurative art installation

Observation Deck

 A new media contemporary figurative mobile installation…

Soul Bones

 Soul Bones installed in an abandoned factory in Franc…
contemporary art of a human skull

Refracting Skull

contemporary art of human skull

Face Mortality and Live Unbridled

Life is beautiful