Armenian Museum of America – The Quinn Collection

June 15, 2022/by Gregory Beylerian

Bad Owl and Vatom NFT Release

April 9, 2022/by Gregory Beylerian

Beyond Borders Together Exhibition

March 24, 2021/by Gregory Beylerian

100 Year Journey at The Burbank Mall

April 27, 2015/by Gregory Beylerian

100 Year Journey at The Zorayan Museum

April 15, 2015/by Gregory Beylerian

Life 100 Group Exhibition

March 11, 2015/by Gregory Beylerian

Pole Couture Exhibit and Live Performance at iam8bit Gallery

May 9, 2014/by Gregory Beylerian

ADG Exhibit at JNA Gallery / Bergamot Station

November 14, 2013/by Gregory Beylerian

Joan Joan Joan – Group Exhibit – John Wayne Airport

July 31, 2013/by Gregory Beylerian

San Vicente Exhibit – Prints & Paintings

October 14, 2011/by Gregory Beylerian

Bergamot Station Arts Center – Flow Line Faces

February 2, 2011/by Gregory Beylerian

MOPLA Group Show

April 29, 2010/by Gregory Beylerian

Group Show at Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery

November 24, 2009/by Gregory Beylerian

Gaza Rebirth, Group Exhibit for Peace

June 15, 2009/by Gregory Beylerian

New Works and collaborations at San Vicente

January 7, 2009/by Gregory Beylerian

Jacques Memorial Exhibit

November 22, 2008/by Gregory Beylerian

City Hall Exhibit – Los Angeles

April 2, 2008/by Gregory Beylerian

42nd Street Exhibition at The Atelier, N.Y.C.

January 23, 2008/by Gregory Beylerian

Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery Exhibit

November 4, 2007/by Gregory Beylerian

Divine Curvature Exhibit

November 1, 2007/by Gregory Beylerian

PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris – Exhibit, honorable mention

July 17, 2007/by Gregory Beylerian

3 Works at The Museum of Arts & Design

June 28, 2007/by Gregory Beylerian

Power and Beauty Exhibit

May 12, 2007/by Gregory Beylerian

Paris – L.A. Exhibit at Union Station

November 7, 2006/by Gregory Beylerian

The Coffin Show: Between Life and Death

October 8, 2006/by Gregory Beylerian

Selected Faces – Exhibit at Bergamot Station

September 2, 2006/by Gregory Beylerian

Origins Exhibit at Seyhoun Gallery

March 25, 2006/by Gregory Beylerian

6 Degrees of Separation from Warhol – Group Exhibit

June 4, 2005/by Gregory Beylerian

Crazy Beautiful Exhibit & Fashion Show

May 1, 2005/by Gregory Beylerian

Animals Group Exhibition

April 30, 2005/by Gregory Beylerian

Museum of Modern Art, Yerevan – Permanent Collection

April 24, 2005/by Gregory Beylerian

Body Language Exhibition

December 17, 2004/by Gregory Beylerian

Museum Exhibition at A.L.M.A.

May 14, 2004/by Gregory Beylerian

Wild Wheels at The Peterson Automotive Museum

April 9, 2003/by Gregory Beylerian

Sacred Forms Exhibition at The Pacific Design Center

May 9, 2002/by Gregory Beylerian
trust the flow gallery installation

Trust The Flow Exhibition

July 3, 2001/by Gregory Beylerian

Soul Train Solo Exhibition

May 27, 2001/by Gregory Beylerian


Solo Exhibitions

2015 – 100 Year Journey: The Burbank Mall

2015 – 100 Year Journey : The Zorayan Museum

2013 – Wall Installation: JNA Gallery, Bergamot Station

2011 – Prints & Paintings: San Vicente Gallery

2009 – New Works & Collaborations: San Vicente Gallery

2008 – Returning To Roots: City Hall

2008 – Faces & Forms: The Atelier, 42nd Street, NYC

2007 – New Works: Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery

2007 – Divine Curvature: San Vicente Gallery

2007 – Power & Beauty: Seyhoun Gallery

2006 – Selected Faces: Bergamot Station

2005 – Origins: Seyhoun Gallery

2005 – Crazy Beautiful: H1 Gallery

2004 – Body Language: H1 Gallery

2004 – New Works: A.L.M.A. Museum of America

2002 – Trust The Flow: Galaxy Gallery

2001 – Soul Train: Paris – New-York-Kent Gallery

Group Exhibitions

2015 – Life 100: The Brand Center

2014 – Pole Couture Exhibit & Performance: iam8bit Gallery

2013 – Joan Joan Joan: John Wayne Airport (includes Shepard Fairey, Frank Gehry, David Hockney, Robert Maplethorpe & Ed Ruscha)

2010 – MOPLA Group Show: SmashBox Gallery

2009 – FareWell: Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery

2009 – Gaza Rebirth, Exhibit for Peace: New Arts Gallery

2008 – A Memorial Exhibit: Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery

2007 – PX3: Prix De La Photographie, Paris

2007 – Chairs: The Museum of Arts & Design (permanent collection)

2006 – Paris – L.A. Exhibit and Performance: Union Station

2006 – Between Life and Death: Black Maria Gallery

2005 – 6 Degrees of Separation from Warhol: Black Maria Gallery

2005 – Animals: Paris – New York-Kent Gallery

2005 – Requiem: Museum of Modern Art, Yerevan (permanent collection)

2003 – Wild Wheels: The Peterson Automotive Museum

2002 – Sacred Forms: The Pacific Design Center