GregJam 149 with Megan

GregJam is a 100% improvised “sonic yoga” experience where a core group of artists get together and often have guests join to “play” music. Not a word is spoken of structure, scale or melody in order to exercise an intuitive, non-contrived approach to the creative process. Therefore the music you hear was heard for the first time by all the musicians who participated while it was being recorded. There are no do overs or practice runs, simply a one take creation process that can be described as a sonic flow dynamic induced by surrendering to and participating in the sound of presence. As of August 29th, 2022, there are 180 recordings sessions which are currently being called “Portizar”. This recording is from Night 149 and is Track 8 with Megan as the guest of the evening who sings and is seen dancing with inspiring grace in the video.