gregory Beylerian reads love poems from his collection entitled Love and Truth

Reading Poems from Love and Truth

I hope you are all well and making lemonade from Corona lemons. .
Being home and with more time and focus I began recording / archiving love poems written for Jude thru the years. Here are a selected few from the most recent book of poems I make for her..
I don’t know who enjoys love poetry anymore but if you do, here is some love to share during these times..
The duduk music in this video is performed by Norik Manoukian who was my duduk master / teacher for many years. This recording comes from the final track of the album entitled “Highland Revolution” available on iTunes. An experimental fusion collaboration with Norik, my self, Michael Vest, John Volaitis, Nico Borromeo and Hal Cragin recorded at The EarthStar Creation Center in Venice CA.

love poetry books by Gregory Beylerian

Various books of Love Poetry created thru the years

artist gregory beylerians 1940s Smith Corona typewriter

The 1940’s Smith Corona that was found in the garbage in New York City in the early 1990’s and is the tool used to write much of the poetry.