holding hands poetry



hands poetry


  • “Hands”
  • Size: variable
  • Medium: Chromogenic Print

Before I could imagine

I was standing with you

My heart racing

As our finger tips touched

Everything in my soul

Emptied into Yours

With an atomic release

Of  blooming light and colors.

contemporary artwork

Growing On Vines

contemporary artwork


  • Growing On Vines
  • Size: 36″ x 24″
  • Medium: Photographic negative, Ink, watercolor and pencil merged using exploratory techniques.
  • Poem typed using a 1940’s Smith Corona ribbon typewriter.
contemporary art by gregory beylerian

Grace Is A State

contemporary art by gregory beylerian


  • Size: 30″ x 30″
  • Medium: Ink,  watercolor and photograph on museum quality paper.


RELEVANT POETRY: ( this is the scan of the original poem written with a 1940’s Smith Corona)


contemporary artwork

Parked Beyond The Perimeter

contemporary artwork


  • Size: 32″ x 48″
  • Medium: Photograph of nude painted white, poetry typed with a 1940’s Smith Corona typewriterInk, and ink.


Poetry is utilized as a creative component  by shaping an aesthetic thru  language.  In the separation of  grammatical rule, emotional context is intertwined with the compositional elements in a fluid construct.

The Book of Dreams

The Book of Dreams is a series of devotions to love and that which it births.

Sacred Forms Exhibition at The Pacific Design Center

sacred_forms_install_view_gregory_beylerian sacred_forms_install_view_gregory_beylerian_2sacred_forms_exhibit_opening_nightpacific_design_center



  • This exhibition installation was constructed from three walls spanning a total of 40 feet and was covered from left to right and top to bottom with 8.5×11 sheets of paper. Each page contained meditation line drawings and poetry. 25 works of photographic art based on the human form were than mounted on wood and then glazed with a thick resinous mixture. These pieces were than hung along one center line and spaced evenly over the drawings for the total length of the installation.

The Wizardry of Love

The Wizardry is a unique (only one exists) book of poetry by Gregory Beylerian. The book cover is made by Aida Goganian, one of my  artist inspirations and my aunt.

Poetry read by: Barry Kramer

Duduk Music by: Yeghish & Norik Manoukian with Dam Duduk played by Gregory Beylerian.

Listen to The Wizardry of Love Part 1:

Listen to The Wizardry of Love Part 2:

Listen to The Wizardry of Love Part 3:

Listen to The Wizardry of Love Part 5:



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