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The Fire Heart

The Making of:  The Poem:  
contemporary figurative art

To Flower

Soul Cage

poetry, nudes, music, video art

Eternally Bound

 By the light of the stars, My heart broke thru a…
painting portrait of buddha

Into The Unknown

Captured and Released

 Souls captured and released, like animals in a prison. Now…
contemporary abstract art exercise

Face 11 29 20

contemporary video art by Gregory Beylerian

Witch Seeker

 Version 2:  

Happy Thanks Giving

drawing of 1986 vw westy pop top camper

The Adventure Poem

The Male Sequence

This work of contemporary art is a figurative depiction of…

At the heart of drawing lines

Thru The Curtains

About Lines and Love

 What do lines and love have to do with each other?
gregory Beylerian reads love poems from his collection entitled Love and Truth

Reading Poems from Love and Truth

I hope you are all well and making lemonade from Corona lemons.…
contemporary figurative art

Tenderness Lifted The World

"Tenderness Lifted The World" We can wonder what the world…
contemporary figurative art and poetry

Don’t Mistake Me For A Mystery

"Don't Mistake Me For A Mystery" I see you in the broken…
figurative art and poetry

The Extraordinary Journey of Beauty

"The Extraordinary Journey of Beauty" Is the practice…

Explore the poetic dimensions

"I use various tools as an artist to explore the poetic dimensions…
contemporary figurative art

State of Grace

"Being in a state of grace is like making love with the cosmos".…

Life Is Beautiful

Life is beautiful Not because your dream has come true. It's…
contemporary figurative art

Love and Adoration

Love and adoration Illuminate deep within, The possibility…
holding hands poetry


  INFO: "Hands" Size: variable Medium:…
contemporary artwork

Growing On Vines

INFO: Growing On Vines Size: 36″ x 24″ Medium:…
contemporary figurative art of susie abromeit

Building Possibility

INFO: "Building Possibility" (A portrait of Susie Abromeit) …
contemporary art by gregory beylerian

Grace Is A State

INFO: Size: 30″ x 30″ Medium: Ink,  watercolor…
contemporary artwork

Parked Beyond The Perimeter

INFO: Size: 32″ x 48″ Medium: Photograph of nude…
figurative art

To Have a Beautiful World

"To have a beautiful world, first discover the beauty within…
contemporary figurative art

Human form as revered art form

"I think it is very important for wellbeing, to show the…

The Book of Dreams

The Book of Dreams is a series of devotions to love and that…