Alvar Aalto Restore Project – Gaetano Pesce




The Alvar Alto Restore Project was to create a sculptural object that would be made in limited series to be auctioned off to raise funds in the restoration of a famous library in Finland designed by Alvar Aalto.

My task was to build a wood model of the building to scale, while keeping in mind casting and mold protocols. Then I built a mold according to Gaetano Pesce’s specifications. Once everything was ready, Gaetano would pour the resin and blend a unique paint color palate for each resin model made. Then he would sign each resin sculptural object, each one being a unique piece.

These are some casual studio photos of the finished resin Object and the wooden model that was used to build the mold.

To learn more about the works of Gaetano Pesce, please visit his site :


alvar_alto_model_gaetano_pesce_1 alvar_alto_model_gaetano_pesce_2 alvar_alto_model_gaetano_pesce_3 alvar_alto_model_gaetano_pesce_4 alvar_alto_model_gaetano_pesce_5