modern porcelain tray

Seeing Eye Love Tray

The Seeing Eye Love Tray is made from acrylic painted onto porcelain and was gifted to George Beylerian for his birthday.

modern porcelain tray

modern porcelain tray

tea light holder

Firefly Candelabra

tea light holder

The Firefly Candelabra was designed for Design Ideas and is available at fine retailers throat the United States. It uses the standard sized and easily available tea light candle.

Snowflake Link Garlands


The Snowflake Link Garlands was designed for Design Ideas and is available at fine retailers throat the United States. Each strand interconnects with the other allowing the garlands to be as long as necessary for the decorating needs.

Carafe in Black with Love and Kindness



  • Carafe in Black with Love and Kindness
  • Size: 14″ x 7″ x 5″
  • Medium: Porcelain, acrylic and graphite.
painted carafe

Painted Carafe Noire



painted carafepainted carafe in black beylerian_carafe_black_front beylerian_carafe_black_side_2



  • Painted Carafe
  • Size: 14″ x 7″ x 5″
  • Medium: Porcelain, acrylic and graphite.

Voodoo Doll Cork Board for Design Ideas



  • The Voodoo Doll Cork board  was designed for Design Ideas.
  • Will be available to the public in January 2015 from www.Design
  • Voodoo Dolls and cork boards have one thing in common, pins…

Project Collaboration With Design Ideas



  • “Focus cloth” micro fiber cloth designed with heart artwork created by Lunabelle and Gregory Beylerian.
  • Manufactured and distributed by Design Ideas.
  • Over 3000 sold in first 4 months.

heart art

Collaboration with Renowned Instrument Maker Joe Veillette




  • A collaboration project with Joe Veillette, commissioned by a private collector.
  • The objective of this project was to merge the metaphorically associative lines of a base guitar with that of the female form.
  • Joe Veillette’s instruments are used by many of the worlds most celebrated musicians.
3 serving platters by gregory beylerian

3 Serving Platters

serving-platter-1-by-gregory-beylerian3 serving platters by gregory beylerian3 serving platters by gregory beylerian


  • Size: 17″ x 22″
  • Medium: Acrylic, graphite and resin on metal platter form.

Organic Tiles designed for “Transformations: Nature & Beyond”





This unique project explores new applications of Philippine indigenous materials. Not only do the individual items exemplify outstanding design creativity, but collectively they represent a bold plan to accelerate the economy of developing nations.

“Transformations: Nature & Beyond”-a collection of building components and furniture designed in conjunction with the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry, through the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM)-premiered at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in May 2006. It was also on exhibit at the Philippine Consulate and Trade Mission in New York from June to September 2006, and will next be on view at the Triennale di Milano, one of the most important Design Museums of the world, in Milan, Italy from December 1st to January 20, 2007.


participating  designers Gijs Bakker, Dror Benshetrit, Gregory and Judith Beylerian, Ed and Lor Calma, Clodagh, Tom Dixon, Doug Fitch, Paul and Barbara Haigh, Tom Hardy, Arik Lexy, Michele Oka Doner, Satyendra Pakhale, Karim Rashid, Shigeru Uchida, and Kevin Walz to participate in the project by designing modular building and decorative elements. Each designer received a kit of materials such as abaca fiber, bamboo, saguing (banana plant fiber), coconut shell, lahar (pumice), and nito (a supple fern) and was asked to select at least one material to transform into something precious—hence the exhibitions title. The Philippine government identified suitable manufacturers for the items.


Book available

love and truth talisman necklace

Love and Truth Talisman

love and truth talisman necklace

The Love and Truth Talisman is hand made from sterling silver, cast in very limited quantities.

The Sacred Earth Cross


The Sacred Earth Cross was designed by Gregory Beylerian for The Sacred Earth Co.

The Sacred Earth Cross:
1. Contains earth from inside The Church of The Holy Sepulcher Church.

2. Earth collected under supervision by a Bishop of The Holy Sepulcher Church.

3. The earth was placed on the Stone of Unction and blessed by a Bishop of The Holy Sepulcher Church.

4. A limited quantity of earth was imported legally into the U.S. with a special permit obtained from The United States Department of Agriculture.

sacred earth cross

disney wall lamp

Wall Lamp for Disney Consumer Products

disney wall lamp

This was a functioning prototype I designed and built for Disney Consumer Products. There was never a better photo taken of it, so here it is on the wall of my Edinburgh studio. The lights sparkled with an  alternating cadence in varying colors.

lit picture frame

Lit Picture Frame

lit picture frame lit_picture_frame_by_gregory_beylerian_2

This lit picture frame has been constructed using paper mache, acrylic paint and christmas lights.



magnablocks magna_blocks_2

MagnaBlocks is a new interpretation on the classic wood block toy, adding magnets and reversable base that has dual function of block holder and wall hangable frame. This working prototype was designed and constructed for Culture & Commerce.

Seaweed Chair – Gaetano Pesce


While working for Gaetano Pesce at his Soho Studio in New York City, I was guided by Gaetano to construct his design for “The Seaweed Chairs”. 5 chairs were constructed by using an industrial strength fabric cutting machine to shred the textiles into long equal width strips. Then a unique formula of resin directed by Gaetano was mixed with the shredded fabric in a large industrial steel bowl and then applied in sections. With the guidance of Gaetano, each chair was carefully assembled by building up the resin coated fabric, shaping the chair by hand.



gaetano pesce seaweed_chair_3 seaweed_chair_4 seaweed_chair_5

nyc apartment

NYC Apartment – Gaetano Pesce

This was a commission project that Gaetano Pesce received to transform a New York City apartment. This photo of the kitchen and dining area reveals some of the details from floor to ceiling that were constructed. The custom constructed cabinets are built from a wood base, covered in paper mache to achieve a special texture aesthetic. Then pigments were mixed by Gaetano to formulate specific desired colors then a shellac was applied made from exotic beetle shells. Everything seen in this photo was constructed at the Gaetano Pesce studio in Soho, New York City.

To learn more about the works of Gaetano Pesce, please visit his site :


nyc apartment

The Mourman Gallery – Gaetano Pesce

The Mourman Gallery project was a large scale permanent exhibition of Gaetano Pesce’s work. The front doors were cast from resin with a hi strength steel core frame. This installation represented many of Gaetano’s signature works of which most of the pieces were built by 5 of us in his Soho Studio located in New York City. One of his iconic chairs was intentionally made with a softer resin, showing it in a collapsed state. All the built in cabinet structures were custom made using wood, paper mache and Pesce’s unique blend of color pigments. This was a large scale project whose completion took many months of work.

To learn more about the works of Gaetano Pesce, please visit his site :

mourman_gallery_gaetano_pesce_3 mourman_gallery_gaetano_pesce_1 mourman_gallery_gaetano_pesce_2

rolling fruit bowl

Rolling Fruit Bowl

The Rolling Fruit Bowl is constructed from a single sheet of recycled aluminum, spiral die cut with virtually no material wasted in the making of. I designed and constructed the Rolling Fruit Bowl while working towards my Masters degree from Domus Academy in Milan , Italy.

rolling fruit bowl rolling_fruit_bowl_gregory_beylerian_2 rolling_fruit_bowl_gregory_beylerian_3

tree lamp gaetano pesce

Tree Lamp – Gaetano Pesce

This was my first project while working at the Gaetano Pesce Studio in Soho, New York City. I was instructed to construct Gaetano’s design for his Tree Lamp from his artistic abstract drawings. The core of the tree is assembled using heavy gauge steel wire that is bent and welded to form the skeletal structure of the tree lamp. Then the electrical components were set in place which included wiring and housings for 4 halogen bulbs and a transformer. Paper mache is then formed around the skeletal structure and electrical housing and then is painted in classic tree trunk brown. A two dimensional representation of a tree top is constructed by building a mold and casting a resin drawing that is painted by Gaetano. Below are some casual photos of the Tree Lamp completed at the Soho Studio.

tree lamp gaetano pesce tree_lamp_gaetano_pesce_built_by_gregory_beylerian_2 tree_lamp_gaetano_pesce_built_by_gregory_beylerian_3 tree_lamp_gaetano_pesce_built_by_gregory_beylerian_4 tree_lamp_gaetano_pesce_built_by_gregory_beylerian_5

Alvar Aalto Restore Project – Gaetano Pesce




The Alvar Alto Restore Project was to create a sculptural object that would be made in limited series to be auctioned off to raise funds in the restoration of a famous library in Finland designed by Alvar Aalto.

My task was to build a wood model of the building to scale, while keeping in mind casting and mold protocols. Then I built a mold according to Gaetano Pesce’s specifications. Once everything was ready, Gaetano would pour the resin and blend a unique paint color palate for each resin model made. Then he would sign each resin sculptural object, each one being a unique piece.

These are some casual studio photos of the finished resin Object and the wooden model that was used to build the mold.

To learn more about the works of Gaetano Pesce, please visit his site :


alvar_alto_model_gaetano_pesce_1 alvar_alto_model_gaetano_pesce_2 alvar_alto_model_gaetano_pesce_3 alvar_alto_model_gaetano_pesce_4 alvar_alto_model_gaetano_pesce_5

soft Pitcher

Soft Form Beverage Pitcher

soft Pitcher

This soft formed beverage pitcher is shaped from a non absorbent, non toxic material which flows with the movement of the liquid contained within it. The integrity of the shape of the pitcher is maintained by a skeletal wire frame that also becomes the handle of the pitcher as well. This functioning sculptural object was conceived and constructed while working towards my Masters Degree from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy.

The Square Lamp – Gaetano Pesce


The Square Lamp was designed by Gaetano Pesce and was built at his studio located in Soho, New York City. For this project I was guided by the head of the shop, Parrish Puente who over saw all of the three dimensional projects during this time period. Once the object was constructed and the resin prepared, Gaetano would mix the colors to his liking and paint them into the resin.

To learn more about the works of Gaetano Pesce, please visit his web site :

gaetano pesce

The Airport Lamp – Gaetano Pesce

gaetano pesce

The Airport Lamp was one of my early constructions while working for Gaetano Pesce at his Soho studio in New York City. It was during this project that I began to learn more deeply about the nature of casting resins and their formula variables. Learning to interpret and build the visionary works of Gaetano Pesce was an invaluable learning experience for me during this time of my life.

To learn more about the works of Gaetano Pesce, please visit his web site :

glass table

Glass Table

glass table

This glass table was created from the beautifully broken glass pieces found in the garbage at a glass blowing studio. A mold was made and casting resin was poured while adding the broken glass pieces. Four rubber encased steel rods were also set in the resin to be the legs for the glass table top.

wall phone sculpture

Wall Phone

wall phone sculpture

This was a functioning wall phone I created or rather deconstructed. The late 80’s was a time before cel phones and the house phone was all you had. So I took mine apart and re arranged the guts aesthetically on chicken wire and mounted it on the wall with thumb tacks. Many phone calls were made and received using it!

desk lamp design

Ambria Desk Lamp

desk lamp design ambria_desk_lamp_by_gregory_beylerian_2

This is a functioning desk lamp I designed and constructed while working towards my bachelors degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. The powder coated metal monolithic base allows the magnetic lamp head to be multi – positionable. When not in use the lamp head snugly fits back in the base. The top of the monolithic structure is a spherical copper button that is touch sensitive, offering dimming options to the halogen lighting.

Folding Chair

This is a functioning prototype of a folding chair I designed and constructed during my 3rd year at Rochester Institute of Technology. The design challenge was to create a folding chair that would be elegant enough when a more formal chair is needed but can be stowed away / stackable horizontally at other times.




The Leaning Tower of Piza Toaster

leaning_tower_of_piza_toaster_by_gregory_beylerian_1 leaning_tower_of_piza_toaster_by_gregory_beylerian_2

The Leaning Tower of Piza Toaster was a kitch and playful response to the design mandate of a common kitchen utility, the toaster. Why not play on the cultural icons of architecture and bread. It could be a series.., baguettes and the eiffel tower next, collect them all. This was a simple paper and foam core model study.

soap dish

Soap Dish

soap dish

The first product I had designed to be manufactured, distributed and sold. The original design and prototype was made using plastic and a vacuum former while a student at Rochester Institute of Technology.


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