Organic Tiles designed for “Transformations: Nature & Beyond”





This unique project explores new applications of Philippine indigenous materials. Not only do the individual items exemplify outstanding design creativity, but collectively they represent a bold plan to accelerate the economy of developing nations.

“Transformations: Nature & Beyond”-a collection of building components and furniture designed in conjunction with the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry, through the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM)-premiered at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in May 2006. It was also on exhibit at the Philippine Consulate and Trade Mission in New York from June to September 2006, and will next be on view at the Triennale di Milano, one of the most important Design Museums of the world, in Milan, Italy from December 1st to January 20, 2007.


participating  designers Gijs Bakker, Dror Benshetrit, Gregory and Judith Beylerian, Ed and Lor Calma, Clodagh, Tom Dixon, Doug Fitch, Paul and Barbara Haigh, Tom Hardy, Arik Lexy, Michele Oka Doner, Satyendra Pakhale, Karim Rashid, Shigeru Uchida, and Kevin Walz to participate in the project by designing modular building and decorative elements. Each designer received a kit of materials such as abaca fiber, bamboo, saguing (banana plant fiber), coconut shell, lahar (pumice), and nito (a supple fern) and was asked to select at least one material to transform into something precious—hence the exhibitions title. The Philippine government identified suitable manufacturers for the items.


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