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Book cover art by Gregory Beylerian. This work is part of the series from the “100 Year Journey”, to view all the art from this project about the Armenian Genocide  Click Here.

HomeGirl Cafe cookbook

Hungry For Life




  • Commissioned to create the images for a book about the life and transformative process of HomeGirl Cafe thru the growing, prepping and serving of food. “Hungry For Life” is a cookbook that tells the story of the Homegirls thru new and traditional recipes inspired from the cuisine of Mexico.
  • The Book is 210 pages, printed on high quality paper.
  • 100% of the proceeds go to HomeBoy Industries – Order the book from


  • Chef: Pati Zarate
  • Photography and project management: Gregory Beylerian
  • Creative director: Geri Cusenza
  • Stylist: Judith Bodart Beylerian
  • Story: Kaile Shilling
  • Food assistant: Yanet Rodriguez
  • Graphic design: Dachelle Duffy
  • Published by: Cusenza Family Foundation






homegirl cafe cookbookhomegirl cafe breakfastHomegirl cafe breakfasthomegirl cafe cookbookhomegirl cookbook souphomegirl cookbook photography



“I find inspiration in the young women and men of Homegirl Café who are determined to use lessons found in cooking and in the kitchen to build a better future for themselves and their community. Empowered with resources and real-world, career-building skills, these fine young chefs now present their first cookbook.

“Hungry for Life is filled with recipes inspired by childhood stories like Homegirl Audrie’s memory of counting pinto beans with her grandmother and comfort foods like Sopa de Fideo. These stories remind us all of the healing nature of good food and the power that lies in preparing and sharing it. Hungry for Life is a first platform for the resilient voices of a new cooking movement: empowered young chefs share the recipes that make them who they are and the inspirational stories behind them.”
—Thomas Keller, Chef/Owner
The French Laundry and founder Homegirl Externship Program at Bouchon Beverly Hills

“Pati Zarate’s Homegirl Café is a testament to the transformative power of real food. Through the café, scores of young women and men have engaged in meaningful and rewarding work, and have been given the best possible job training for connecting with the land and restoring a rhythm and purpose to their lives. This book is so much more than just a collection of delicious recipes—though with its creative seasonal salsas, salads, and moles, it is certainly that, too. Hungry for Life shows how lovingly prepared food can be a powerful expression of beauty, caring, history, and community.”
—Alice Waters, Chef/Owner
Chez Panisse, Berkeley and founder of the The Edible Schoolyard Project

“Hungry for Life reflects what many of us strive for when teaching in the culinary industry. Stories of young people that have a desire for a better future, the drive to change their life’s path, and a passion for good food that will strengthen their confidence, are very inspiring. That is why Homegirl Café and the work by Homeboy Industries are essential in our community.”
—Daniel Drumlake, CEC, CCE, CCA, AAC, WCC, ACE
Professional Chef and Culinary Educator


All proceeds go directly to Homeboy Industries.
“Hungry for Life” is a cookbook like no other. A project of one of Homeboy Industries’ social enterprises, the Homegirl Café. The cookbook’s light, colorful, healthy take on Mexican foods is grounded in family traditions, cultural roots, and personal stories. The recipes are unexpected and delicious – using apple salsa atop a carnitas taco, mangos in salsas, caramelizing hibiscus.

Founding Homegirl Chef Pati Zarate opens up a whole new side of Mexican cuisine. “Hungry for Life” is a cookbook about so much more than food. Cooking together, breaking bread, and sitting down for a meal —these are some of the most ancient and enduring ways of communion and connection with each other.

To cook for someone is to share your gift with others. At the Homegirl Café, Pati Zarate has given her heart to the girls, the trainees who learn to cook the dishes that make up the stories and memories of her life. As the young women learn to prep, slice, season, and taste, they begin to find them and add their own struggles, stories, and triumphs so when a meal is delivered-with-care tableside to those who make the trek to the Homegirl Café in downtown Los Angeles, the experience nourishes the patrons on many levels. Hungry for Life is filled with stunning photographs, enticing recipes, and compelling stories about the trainees’ experiences with and love of Father Greg Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries. Pati Zarate and Alisha Ruiz, one of the young women who changed her life working in the Café, contribute so much to “Hungry for Life,” a cookbook to be treasured, used and shared as gifts with family and friends.

All proceeds from the sales of the Hungry for Life Cookbook go to Homeboy Industries. The proceeds support the free services and programs available to Homeboy’s trainees and community clients. Programs and services such as tattoo removal, case management, mental health and legal services, job development, solar panel certification & training, and a robust education and curriculum department. The services and programs the trainees receive are critical components for the trainees as they strive to change and transform their lives, leaving their former gang ties behind them and breaking the cycles of incarceration in their lives.




Artwork and Technique Featured in New book





  • Book Title: New Acrylics Essential Sourcebook: Materials, Techniques and Contemporary Applications for Today’s Artist
  • Author: Rheni Tauchid
  • Some of my artwork and technique is presented in this comprehensive  and excellently executed book about acrylics.

In this new book on Acrylics and Technique by Rheni Tauchid, Gregory Beylerian shares some methods on merging acrylic paints with new technology and traditional mediums.


Rheni Tauchid’s bestselling The New Acrylics is an invaluable overview of modern acrylic paints. Her follow-up, New Acrylics Essential Sourcebook, is an in-depth, must-have resource for today’s acrylic artist. By guiding you to a higher level of adeptness and fluidity in the handling of your materials, it brings you closer to true mastery of the medium.

Moving beyond a focus on the technical properties of acrylic paints, this new book opens your mind and eyes to the artistic possibilities that are uniquely suited to the medium. Once you become familiar with what acrylic paint is, you are ready to explore what it can become. Focusing on specific technical and application processes, this invaluable handbook demonstrates the many techniques used to produce the varied effects and painting styles that you can achieve with this most versatile of all painting media.

Clearly and beautifully illustrated with photographs of the techniques and effects, as well as stunning work by the author and other leading acrylic artists, this book expands the breadth of your potential as an artist by giving you a deeper understanding of the essence of your medium.

power and beauty coffee table art book

Power & Beauty – The Art of Gregory Beylerian

power and beauty coffee table art book

A limited edition coffee table art book with 420 pages detailing 4 years of art, photographs and poetry by Gregory Beylerian.

Organic Tiles designed for “Transformations: Nature & Beyond”





This unique project explores new applications of Philippine indigenous materials. Not only do the individual items exemplify outstanding design creativity, but collectively they represent a bold plan to accelerate the economy of developing nations.

“Transformations: Nature & Beyond”-a collection of building components and furniture designed in conjunction with the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry, through the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM)-premiered at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in May 2006. It was also on exhibit at the Philippine Consulate and Trade Mission in New York from June to September 2006, and will next be on view at the Triennale di Milano, one of the most important Design Museums of the world, in Milan, Italy from December 1st to January 20, 2007.


participating  designers Gijs Bakker, Dror Benshetrit, Gregory and Judith Beylerian, Ed and Lor Calma, Clodagh, Tom Dixon, Doug Fitch, Paul and Barbara Haigh, Tom Hardy, Arik Lexy, Michele Oka Doner, Satyendra Pakhale, Karim Rashid, Shigeru Uchida, and Kevin Walz to participate in the project by designing modular building and decorative elements. Each designer received a kit of materials such as abaca fiber, bamboo, saguing (banana plant fiber), coconut shell, lahar (pumice), and nito (a supple fern) and was asked to select at least one material to transform into something precious—hence the exhibitions title. The Philippine government identified suitable manufacturers for the items.


Book available

The Book of Dreams

The Book of Dreams is a series of devotions to love and that which it births.

Featured in Material Design Book


Material ConneXion:  The Global Resource of New and Innovative Materials for Architects, Artists and Designers

From the largest global resource of new materials comes this innovative new book that connects materials to designers’ needs. In each of the seven main sections, this highly illustrated book identifies key trends, looks to the future, and helps design professionals select materials with the most potential for their specific projects. By defining materials based on base composition rather than current use, it gives a better understanding of their potential and understanding.

WOLFGANG JOOP fashion designer, Hamburg, Germany

KARIM RASHID  industrial designer, New York

288 pages and over 800 color illustrations

Order now for shipping by November 30, 2005.

Please use the link below to print out a fax order form:

$80.00 plus shipping and handling $12.00 for domestic, $16.00 international,
and $25.00 for Korea and Japan. 10% discount for Material ConneXion
library users. New York residents subject to sales tax of 8.375%

Murals Featured in Beautiful Cinema Treasures Book


To see these murals in detail, Click Here.


Learn more about the Cinema Treasures book

What twin theater opened in 1915?

How did Marcus Loew begin his career?

Where was stadium seating first popularized?

Who was “Roxy”?

Answers to these questions and many more can be found in a new book to be released by MBI Publishing Company this October.

Cinema Treasures (ISBN 0-7603-1492-6), by Ross Melnick and Andreas Fuchs, will not only interest anyone working in or studying motion picture exhibition, but just about everyone who loves to go to the movies.

Melnick and Fuchs demonstrate how classic theaters in major cities and small towns across the United States are alive and well today, thanks to the dedication of their owners, community initiatives, and cultural and corporate sponsorships. Cinema Treasures showcases American movie theaters of all eras and architectural styles.

There are single-screen theaters, twins, triplexes, and, of course, multi- and megaplexes— all of which are of intrinsic cultural, social, architectural, and historical significance, at the same time as they hold a special place in the hearts of moviegoers. Cinema Treasures celebrates the past, present, and future of the moviegoing experience.

In addition to individual theater profiles chosen to represent over 100 years of moviegoing, the main attraction of Cinema Treasures is its tour through the history of U.S. theatrical exhibition— from the penny arcade and nickelodeon pioneers, to the designers and showmen of the movie palace era, the drive-in developers and widescreen visionaries, and the theater circuits of today.

Well-rounded and meticulously researched, this survey features an informative and engaging narrative filled with hundreds of beautiful photographs, vintage ads, and other fascinating images.

A Word from the Founders

Since 1999, Cinema Treasures has worked to preserve what remains of one of the most important cultural legacies of the twentieth century, the movie theater.

As our most devoted users know, in late 2000, we launched our website with over 100 theaters and a few dozen photos, hoping to attract a few kindred spirits who could help us build a growing theater database and community of theater preservationists.

Today, with over 6,500 theater listings from dozens of countries, over 1,500 theater photographs, and thousands of users, we are overwhelmed by the support for this website and the “Cinema Treasures” we fight to save.

So it is with tremendous pleasure that we are releasing this new book that profiles some of the best classic movie theaters still operating in the United States.

Co-written by Ross Melnick and Andreas Fuchs, this book is not just about the past, but will also focus on the present and future of classic movie theaters. Despite the glory of Radio City Music Hall and the RKO Roxy Theatre, the grandeur of movie theaters did not end with the opening of these theaters in December 1932.

Cinema Treasures showcases movie theaters in the United States from the 1890s to the present. There are single screen theaters, twins, multiplexes and megaplexes. Nearly all of the 30 theaters given detailed theater profiles are still showing movies (either during annual film series or festivals or as part of their daily programming). Again, this will be a book about the present and future of classic movie theaters, not just the past.

Indeed, through Cinema Treasures, we’ve made friends around the world who care deeply about these special places, and we see this book as an opportunity to connect with an entirely new group of movie theater fans.

Finally, we want to thank our tireless volunteer staff who have helped make this site what it is today: Bryan Krefft, Grant Smith, William Gabel, Roger Katz, Chad Irish, and Ian Grundy. And a special thanks, of course, to all of our members. This site would not have been possible without your help!

All of our continued thanks, and now… back to work!

Ross Melnick & Patrick Crowley
Founders, Cinema Treasures

About the Authors

Learn more about the writers of Cinema Treasures

Ross Melnick
Ross Melnick is a film historian and the co-founder of Cinema Treasures. His work has been published in several journals and he regularly speaks at conferences and to the press regarding the motion picture industry and movie theater history and preservation. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies from Brandeis University and a Master of Arts in Critical Studies from the UCLA School of Film, Television and Digital Media.

Andreas Fuchs
A third-generation cinema operator, Andreas Fuchs works with exhibitors worldwide. He provides editorial services to trade publications Film Journal International and Film Echo. His articles have appeared in The Hollywood Reporter, Auditoria, and Cinema magazines, among others. Andreas has a Master of Arts in Cinema Studies from New York University and completed his Film Studies at Centre Odeon in Paris. For more information about Andreas Fuchs, go to

The Wizardry of Love

The Wizardry is a unique (only one exists) book of poetry by Gregory Beylerian. The book cover is made by Aida Goganian, one of my  artist inspirations and my aunt.

Poetry read by: Barry Kramer

Duduk Music by: Yeghish & Norik Manoukian with Dam Duduk played by Gregory Beylerian.

Listen to The Wizardry of Love Part 1:

Listen to The Wizardry of Love Part 2:

Listen to The Wizardry of Love Part 3:

Listen to The Wizardry of Love Part 5:



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