tree lamp gaetano pesce

Tree Lamp – Gaetano Pesce

This was my first project while working at the Gaetano Pesce Studio in Soho, New York City. I was instructed to construct Gaetano’s design for his Tree Lamp from his artistic abstract drawings. The core of the tree is assembled using heavy gauge steel wire that is bent and welded to form the skeletal structure of the tree lamp. Then the electrical components were set in place which included wiring and housings for 4 halogen bulbs and a transformer. Paper mache is then formed around the skeletal structure and electrical housing and then is painted in classic tree trunk brown. A two dimensional representation of a tree top is constructed by building a mold and casting a resin drawing that is painted by Gaetano. Below are some casual photos of the Tree Lamp completed at the Soho Studio.

tree lamp gaetano pesce tree_lamp_gaetano_pesce_built_by_gregory_beylerian_2 tree_lamp_gaetano_pesce_built_by_gregory_beylerian_3 tree_lamp_gaetano_pesce_built_by_gregory_beylerian_4 tree_lamp_gaetano_pesce_built_by_gregory_beylerian_5