figurative art portrait

Pin Up Painting Three

Inspired by pin up illustrations from the mid 20th centu…

Pin Up Painting Two

Inspired by pin up illustrations from the mid 20th centu…

Pin Up Painting One

Inspired by pin up illustrations from the mid 20th centu…

Golden Thread


My approach to portraiture

Liquid Form 3 18 21

figurative fine art

The Divine Within

 I recorded this ancient sacred Armenian music in 2014…

Friday’s Feel Fantastic

   A contemporary art music video by Gregory Beylerian…

Treasure The Feminine

 I have long aspired to represent woman to the highest…

Zodiac Flower

  Framed Stills:
contemporary figurative NFT art

The alchemy of art making

 To free yourself in the process and share the dynamics…
figurative photographic art

Cosmically Connected

"We are profoundly beautiful for the same reason the cosmos…
art for letting go

Art for letting go

 Music by Zen Master: Thich Nhat Hanh
contemporary abstract figurative nude work of art

Mantric Orchestra

contemporary figurative art

To Flower

contemporary figurative art by Gregory Beylerian

A journey of love and truth

poetry, nudes, music, video art

Eternally Bound

 By the light of the stars, My heart broke thru a…
commissioned fine art photo shoot

Commissioned art nudes

40 works of art have been created as a result of this commissioned…

It’s about the energy

40 prints in archival box

 This archival box contains 40 signed and sleeved fine…
contemporary mixed media digital portrait by Gregory Beylerian

The soul shines when set free

 Portrait of: Susie Abromeit Instead of directing, I approach…
contemporary music art video with introduction by alan watts

God as a black woman


Color Forms

Captured and Released

 Souls captured and released, like animals in a prison. Now…
contemporary video art by Gregory Beylerian

Witch Seeker

 Version 2:  

The Male Sequence

This work of contemporary art is a figurative depiction of…
contemporary figurative artwork by gregory beylerian

Is the expression of freedom

A contemporary figurative work of art by Gregory Beylerian…

At the heart of drawing lines