Opinions are not facts

When someone tells me what they see in the art, sometimes…
contemporary figurative art

Dreams Are The Exorbitant Masters #2

This work of art was originally created in 2004 and is the…
contemporary figurative artwork

Form Follows Being

 "Form Follows Being" plays on the popularized adage /…
contemporary figurative artwork

Liberate Consciousness

I can't imagine anything more beautiful than liberated…

Liquid Spirals

  Experimental music art video by Gregory Beylerian Model:…
contemporary figurative art

Striving for Profound not Profane

My figurative work represents the feminine as profound, not…
true power is self mastery

True power is mastery of the self

"True power is mastery of the self"
contemporary figurative art
figurative art photograph

Torso Intercepted

Explore the poetic dimensions

"I use various tools as an artist to explore the poetic dimensions…
figurative art video
contemporary figurative portrait of Jordan Kensley by Gregory Beylerian

Honor The Feminine

 Honor the feminine, it's where beauty comes from.
contemporary art video by gregory beylerian

Seeking The Beauty of Truth

 When people ask me what my work is about, I tell them regardless…
Figurative photo art by Gregory Beylerian
contemporary figurative art
contemporary figurative art

Figures 5

Figures #5 Paper laminated MDF, primer, gesso, pigment…

Figures 4

Figures #4 Paper laminated MDF, primer, gesso, pigment…

Figures 2

Figures #2 Paper laminated MDF, primer, gesso, pigment…

Figures 1

Figures #1 Paper laminated MDF, primer, gesso, pigment…
contemporary figurative art

Bio Bendable Torso

 Exploring polygons and perception with this work of art.…
trailer tribal fine art portrait

Trailer Tribal

Trailer Tribal fine art portrait of Georgie Leahy.
contemporary figurative art photo

Exploring the beauty of human possibility

Exploring the beauty of human possibility thru art making,…
contemporary fine art photograph by Gregory Beylerian
beauty comes from within
contemporary figurative art

State of Grace

"Being in a state of grace is like making love with the cosmos".…
elevate the dimension called life by gregory_beylerian

Elevate the dimension called life

I am looking for new ways to depict the energy within the…
contemporary figurative art

Human Form 4460


Human Form 823 - Becoming Art