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Love is freedom

contemporary abstract drawing

Face 12 5 20

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contemporary abstract paintings by gregory beylerian

Quantum Landscape Components

Abstract is freedom. . To be in creation mode without the…

Quantum Landscape, a painting with sound

 When I look to the source of my creative process, I see…

Quantum Landscape

Quantum Landscape is a 70 x 70 x 2 inch museum quality constructed…
contemporary abstract art



Leaping Off Creative Cliffs

Much love to the collaborators who took the leap off a creative…
contemporary abstract moving art

Thoughts Paint Reality

 There is often a confusion between facts and opinions. Developing…
contemporary abstract figurative art

Soft Perceptions

Stills from abstract figurative motion video displayed using…
contemporary abstract artwork

Face 4 15 2020

To see the beauty of a flower and blossom like one, open the…

Pigeon Pecking Lips

 “Pigeon Pecking Lips” (The imaginary consequence of…
contemporary abstract art by Gregory Beylerian
contemporary abstract art by gregory beylerian

Face 03 24 2020

 With the best microscopes man has constructed, we begin…

Seek The Silver Lining

 It is a good time to look for the silver lining in clou…
Contemporary abstract art by Gregory Beylerian

Face 03 22 2020

face drawing by gregory beylerian


The flow line drawings have resurfaced. This process first…
contemporary abstract art by Gregory Beylerian
contemporary abstract art by gregory beylerian
contemporary abstract art by gregory beylerian

What Makes Sense

Art functions like a doorway, bringing access to dimensions…
contemporary abstract art

Facially Deconstructed

The artworks below are detail perspectives of the work above…

Blue Roses

Each of the following works are detail oriented variations…
contemporary abstract art

Mr. Corona and His Siblings

To view Mr. Corona's eight siblings, Click Here. "The…

Happy Valentines Day Heart

On Valentine's Day, Luna, Jude and I painted this Big Heart…

Love Cushions Now Available

These "LOVE CUSHIONS" available in celebration of Valentine's…

Thru The Heart

"Thru the heart we are eternal".
contemporary abstract painting

Presence Painting With Lunabelle

Presence painting collaboration with Lunabelle Beylerian   Music:…