Taking a closer look at this work, which has been created to be viewed from a distance to support this large-scale space. But at the same time, it’s also created to be appreciated very up close because there’s a lot of detail and convergence of various techniques to create what we’re seeing visually, which is the merging of line work and various printing techniques. You have block printing inspiration, collage inspiration, drawing inspiration, watercolor inspiration, texture line and various tonalities not often seen together, which includes airbrushing, gradations matte block print techniques that are combined with more textural watercolor protocols. They are all interwoven, even with the sensation of a textural dynamics that you might see in textiles. There’s a lot of imperfection as well, which is ultimately the expression of the handmade “Mal Fatto”. That’s the Italian word for it, beauty representing natural imperfection. And, of course, once again, as you step back, you can then begin to appreciate the convergence of these dynamics into an entire visual communication system, almost like a map of consciousness.

Detail #1

Detail #2

Detail #3