Flow Dynamics for Art and Life

 Exercises in Flow Dynamics. . Using, art, toys, tools…

Art Kit (Summer 2021)

   In advance of travel I assemble the tools That…

The Awakened Bird (Havoun Havoun)

"The awakened Bird" was inspired by a musical composition…

Covid Travel Art Kit

art for letting go

Art for letting go

 Music by Zen Master: Thich Nhat Hanh
contemporary figurative art by Gregory Beylerian

A journey of love and truth

Happy Birthday artwork

Happy Birthday


Face B 12 29 20

The Joy of Riding The Waves of Creativity:  

Face A 12 29 20

The Joy of Riding The Wave of Creativity:  

40 prints in archival box

 This archival box contains 40 signed and sleeved fine…
painting portrait of buddha

Into The Unknown

contemporary abstract drawing

Face 12 5 20


At the heart of drawing lines

The Creative Life

 We restored a 1986 Volkswagon Vanagon Weekender pop top…

About Lines and Love

 What do lines and love have to do with each other?
contemporary abstract art



Behind The Scenes Of An Art Shoot

Below is an example of a completed work of art created from…
making of a self portrait

The Making of A Self Portrait

The making of a self portrait reveals dimensions between essence…
beylerian artist family

The Unity Tree

It is our family’s wish contribute to a more inclusive…

Flow Line Exercises

 This is a "Flow Line Exercise". The practice is as…

Flow is the Practice