We lived together, musicians and artists for a summer, in a stone house built 300 years ago that is surrounded by vineyards. Every morning, we would go to an outdoor market and play music. The money collected would be used to buy food. During the day we made art and during the night a beautiful meal was made from the money made that day. Then more music was played deep into the night, sipping wine that was made from the vineyards in the back yard. This is what we did in the summer of 2006 in a small village called Cadenet in the South of France. On the last night before we all departed, I set up my recording equipment on the roof top of a bow makers village home. These 10 songs are the songs played every morning and each night that summer, capturing the spirit of the people, the land and the friendship.

1. Emilie

2. Valse à Joseph

3. Bandura

4. L’Accordéon

5. Valse à Emma

6. Valse à Florent

7. Valse à Anais

8. Mon amant de Saint Jean

9. Branle de la Torche

10. Tombalaika


Musicians: Mieke Bodart – Accordéon, Marieke Bodart –

2nd Accordéon and Dominique Miton – Violin.

Recorded by: Gregory Beylerian on a roof top in Cucuron,

a small village next to Cadenet, located in the south of France July 2006.