bodyworks contemporary art

BodyWorks 33118-5246

bodyworks contemporary art


  • Name: “BodyWorks 33118-5246”
  • Size: Variable
  • Medium: Archival pigment print on museum quality paper.
  • About: Although art is often interpreted by its viewer who is in search of meaning. The process in which I create is based on the practice of abandoning the use of mind in this way. Instead I encourage a fluid collaborative experience, “To be present while in a joyful state of beautiful free flow.”
    This principle is what I call “Flow Dynamics” and have spent 25 years and counting to practice it in my work to explore and develop creative potential. I don’t believe in the use of control / telling people what to do when working together. The best outcomes happen when we overcome the fear of crashing and encourage / empower each other to “Trust the Flow”. (The name given to one of my first exhibitions). .


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