GregJam 99 with duduk master Norik Manukian

Last night I reunited with my duduk master who I spent 7 dedicated years with, learning to play duduk, toured with his ensemble and was on 2 of their records. .

Norik Manukian awakened me to my ancestral roots through an ancient musical sound tradition unique to Armenians. .

We formed a profound bond that was beautifully celebrated last night! .

He brought his duduk, shivi, zurna and clarinet to The EarthStar recording studio in Venice, CA.

Together with @spacebabies @johnx62 And @mrborromeo We fused the ancient Armenian mystical sounds into an improvisational musical playing experience that has influences of  Led Zepplin, The Grateful Dead and Miles Davis. .

The experience was beautiful and sublime. I am excited to soon share the recordings from this unique combination of instruments and sonic traditions.