Bird of Paradise

Inspired by ancient Armenian manuscripts.

Jesus 2.0

May Your Being Flower...

Portrait of Robert Maplethorpe

I first became aware of Robert Maplethorpe in my teens or…

Dynamic Self Portrait 3 12 21

 A “dynamic self portrait” created by painting a…

Dynamic Portrait 7274

 I enjoy merging traditional mediums with new and innovative…


A painting portraying Jesus and Buddha as one. Portrait…

7 murals installed at The LexLive

Seven 7 x 15 Foot large scale works of art created for The LexLive.…
family art portrait

About Family

portrait painting of Santa Claus

Santa Claus is coming to town

painting portrait of buddha

Into The Unknown

self portrait art
contemporary mixed media digital portrait by Gregory Beylerian

The soul shines when set free

 Portrait of: Susie Abromeit Instead of directing, I approach…

Happy Thanks Giving

mamik and babik contemporary art

We are our mountains

This work of art is based on a monument by sculptor Sargis…
kim kardashian art

Kim Kardashian wearing Skims for Selfridges

Creating figurative art of Kim Kardashian wearing Skims for…
contemporary fine art portrait

Resonance Shapes Form

1986 VW Weekender Vanagon

A Labour of Love

 I have spent the last 12 years transforming this vintage…
A mixed media portrait of George Beylerian as a young visionary.

A Young Visionary

A mixed media portrait of George Beylerian as a young visi…
contemporary portrait artwork by gregory beylerian

Like A Phoenix

 Like a Phoenix... . she burst into flames and was reborn…
contemporary mixed media portrait of a buddha

Patience As We Awaken

mixed media art portrait

Space Face

 Painting, photography, digital animation and sound were…
making of a self portrait

The Making of A Self Portrait

The making of a self portrait reveals dimensions between essence…
Happy Fathers Day mixed media art portrait

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all the men who are helping…
mixed media family portrait artwork
george floyd portrait

Portrait of George Floyd

Suffering can drive us to great transformation. Humans have…
post contemporary art portrait of om buddha


contemporary art by gregory beylerian


Scarabaeus is Latin for scarab, the ancient Egyptian symbol…
contemporary framed video art by gregory beylerian

Mosaic Buddha

My fascination with the face is the access to all senses from…
post contemporary art merging portraiture painting and digital technology

Transform Poison To Medecine Now

 "Now is a good time to practice the transformation of…