making of a self portrait

The Making of A Self Portrait

The making of a self portrait reveals dimensions between essence…
Happy Fathers Day mixed media art portrait

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all the men who are helping…
mixed media family portrait artwork
george floyd portrait

Portrait of George Floyd

Suffering can drive us to great transformation. Humans have…
post contemporary art portrait of om buddha


contemporary art by gregory beylerian


Scarabaeus is Latin for scarab, the ancient Egyptian symbol…
contemporary framed video art by gregory beylerian

Mosaic Buddha

My fascination with the face is the access to all senses from…
post contemporary art merging portraiture painting and digital technology

Transform Poison To Medecine Now

 "Now is a good time to practice the transformation of…
contemporary mixed media artwork by gregory beylerian

The Dark Eagle Returns

“Dark Eagle” . 30 x 40 inches - mixed media. . This…
a figurative work of contemporary art

An archaeological portrait of the soul

When I make a portrait, I am not interested in depicting…
contemporary mixed media art

Corona Calm

 We can not control all the chaotic winds around us but one…

Self Portrait from 2007

This self portrait was assembled with materials made from the…
Kobe Bryant Portrait

Kobe Bryant Portrait

The day Kobe Bryant passed away.

Beautiful Angel

 Beautiful Angel Let me tell you a true story about my…
Happy Holidays from the Beylerian's
mixed media art portrait of buddha
sin eater portrait

Sin Eater

Adding a dimension of protection by hanging a Sin Eater on…
social commentary contemporary art about thanksgiving
fine art portrait
video art portrait

Wood Face Kinetic Portrait

 A kinetic portrait created by merging hi resolution…
A portrait of young Picasso

A Portrait of Young Picasso

The video artwork is a moving portrait of an older Picasso…
framed contemporary art

Heart Holds Flower

 This work of art is constructed by merging a mixed media…
abstract contemporary art

Illuminating Face

 This artwork merges the traditional mediums of acrylic…
contemporary art portrait of george Beylerian

Portrait of George Beylerian on his Honeymoon

This portrait is based on a photograph of my father when…
a contemporary art portrait of sadhguru
mixed media art portrait
kurt cobain

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain died 25 years ago on April 5, 1994.
fine art photographic portrait
trailer tribal fine art portrait

Trailer Tribal

Trailer Tribal fine art portrait of Georgie Leahy.

Portrait of Mika