peace spiral for forum on forgiveness

Peace Spiral – Built from Attendee’s at Peace Forum


peace spiral for forum on forgivenessThe Peace Spiral was created by setting up a photo studio at the event location and photographing every participant with arms extended, palms open. Then the artwork was created by placing every person into the art, palm touching palm in a cosmic spiral configuration to portray in a visual art form the mission of the event.

A 10 foot by 10 foot tapestry print was created of this work.


a special Forum on Forgiveness has been slated at the All Saints Church in Pasadena. Speakers, discussions, films will all be part of the agenda, as we look at “Local Reconciliation~ Global Peace.”

“It seems that the only language people speak these days is that of war,” said Fr. Vazken in his weekly message. “We need to change our metaphors. If we are to imagine a world with peace, we must speak a language that includes forgiveness, as much as it does tolerance and understanding.”  Get the Details

Paul Freedman’s new documentary on Darfur will be screened at the Forum. The film, narrated by George Clooney is powerful in content and message. A question and answer session with the producer will follow.


July 6 & 7, 2007

Friday 6–10PM; Saturday 9AM-3PM
In His Shoes Ministries, in collaboration and cooperation with All Saints Church is hosting this event for our times: ”Local Reconciliation; Global Peace: A Forum on Forgiveness”

Join us for a two day forum on forgiveness: Discussions • Lectures • Break Out Groups Explore hope for Peace in our World.


  •  Benjamin Kayumba – survivor ofthe Rwandan Genocide (1994) confronts the rapist & murderer of his parents.
  •  Leticia Aguirre – mother of Raul Aguirre, who was slain in street gang warfare, forgives her son’s murderer during the courtroom trial. A story like no other…
  •  Fr. Vazken Movsesian – lays out a plan for forgiveness that transcends the personal and affects the global realm, with examples from a pure orthodox vantage point.
  •  Gregory Beylerian – artist and creator of the acclaimed 7×77 art piece (2005), will be developing his latest creation with conference participants.
  •  Linda Maxwell – Co-Executive Director of We Care For Youth, brings together the community for a Mandala for Peace.

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