7×77 on April 24

“Ninety years after the Armenian Genocide of 1915, a group of men and women — many of whom were descendents of survivors — marched onto a desert. On Sunday, April 24, 2005 this group donning t-shirts with the mathematical notation “7×77″ lined up with their palms united in a human ribbon of love and solidarity. They walked in the shoes of a generation who knew only suffering. They walked in the shoes of Christ knowing that love is a greater power than evil.” – LGZ

To learn more about 7×77: www.7×77.org

Participants hand in hand at Vasquez Rocks:



Panoramic View of Participants at Vasquez Rocks, hand in hand:



Father Vazken Movsesian speaking about the mystical formula of 7×77 and its meaning regarding forgiveness and peace: