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Chingy X2 Sound Sketch

 Gregory Beylerian (Rav Vast hand drum) and Jose Zakany…

Portizar Sculpture #3

Click to view the complete project.

Portizar Sculpture 2

Click to view complete project.

Portizar Sculpture #1

  Click to view the complete project.

Fire Works 5 30 22

Art is my meditation: 


60 second behind the scenes art video expressing the creation…

Reclining Nude 3 28 22

Backfire Fire Works Painting

 A quick behind the scenes video capturing the making of…

Peace Works Burn Drawing

 Peace Works Burn Drawing merges pyrotechnics, drawing…

The Fire Heart

The Making of:  The Poem:  

Fire Works 1 (Painting with Fire)

The making of "Fire Works 1 - Painting with Fire": &n…

Bokken Art Sword

A Bokken is a Japanese wooden sword used in martial arts…
new media contemporary painting

Frequency Painting

Footsteps at the horizon

Version 1:  Music: GregJam This moving kaleidoscopic…


Tap the quantum dimension thru the doorway of now and paint…


Details from L.O.V.E.:


 Scarabaeus - a symbol of the ancient Egyptian solar deity…

Nectar of Life


Highland Revolution

On this historic day that President Biden officially…

Generosity Heart

This flow dynamics action painting was created by participating…

Love Like Liquid

The Awakened Bird (Havoun Havoun)

"The awakened Bird" was inspired by a musical composition…

Soul Cage

7 murals installed at The LexLive

Seven 7 x 15 Foot large scale works of art created for The LexLive.…
Happy Birthday artwork

Happy Birthday

drawing of 1986 vw westy pop top camper

The Adventure Poem

Ghazanchetsots Cathedral

I visited Ghazanchetsots Cathedral in 2014 with my close…
contemporary artwork

With Love and Truth

21 years ago I flew to Paris and married Jude after only…
contemporary mixed media art harley davidson shovelhead by gregory beylerian

The Dark eagle

 As a kid, I spent countless hours holding the Meatloaf…