Hybrid Love Machine

This work of figurative art explores the fusion of painting on the human form as a three-dimensional canvas to develop a sculptural dynamic. Then the constructed art form then goes thru a photographing process, utilizing a flow state induced by a meditative creative technique. Then during the digital darkroom stage, toning, composition and various other manipulations are introduced to further transform the image of a sculpture of a human being that was brought into a free-formed state of consciousness. The next step introduces artificial intelligence that is directed using language and visual image references to explore and evolve the work beyond the human component. Many incarnations are produced as a consequence of developing the language / communication link between human and machine. Next, The image is transferred into a digital retouching application to further refine and develop the work in accordance with the artist’s intuitive guidance. The final stage becomes the animated digital lighting effects which are introduced into the artwork, providing an immersive cinematic component to the 2D still. By utilizing a museum-quality digital frame, the work can now live on the wall, holding traditional elements of photography, print and frame with integrations of new innovative materials and processes.