Alycia Perrin – Pole Dance Instructor – 16 photographs

pole dance photography alycia-perrin-3 pole-dancealycia-perrin-4 alycia-perrin-5 alycia-perrin-6 alycia-perrin-7 alycia-perrin-8 alycia-perrin-9 alycia-perrin-10 alycia-perrin-11 alycia-perrin-12 alycia-perrin-13 alycia-perrin-14 alycia-perrin-15 alycia-perrin-16


  • These photographs are part of a collection of images documenting the pole dance movement.
  • Photographed at the San Vicente Studio in West Hollywood, California
  • The pole stage used was an X-Stage generously provided by: X-Pole.


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