Why I Make Art

Why do I make art? Well, you could say it’s an inclination. I mean, as long as I can remember, to my earliest childhood, I never had an intention, per se. The process was always coming from a very simple expression of following a path of joy. I mean, it came naturally to explore whatever the medium was in front of me. And to have fun in a way, that was a consequence of Dancing with the dynamics of my heart. Now, I didn’t think about it this way. It was just automatic. It was intuitive before I understood the word, intuition, and it was always the natural way that I had a relationship with myself. And as an adult, you could say, being an artist, for me, is another way of saying, practicing, to nurture, maintain, and develop and grow that relationship with myself. When I was a child required no such words, because it was there in abundance, thriving, pure creation, energy just flowing through me, for which I was just following the path of that energetic dynamic, which just felt amazing. And ultimately, that’s what the art making experience was, is and likely will always be for me.