The MedzMobile – Art Car


Gregory Beylerian Art CarThe-Medz-Mobile-art-car-3The-Medz-Mobile-art-car-2sitting-on-Medzblocks_image_5_1blocks_image_3_1school-kids-and-medz-5 the-Medz-Mobile-art-car-6wildwheels-The-Medz-Mobile-art-car


  • The Medz-Mobile, a 1968 Volvo 144S Artcar.
  • Purchased July 14, 1968 by my grandmother two weeks before I was born.
  • I would inherit the car exactly 30 years later and the transformation process began shortly there after.
  • The Medz – Mobile art car has been exhibited at The Peterson Automotive Museum, photographed for the Los Angeles Times, on CNN and in the movie Thirteen and a P.J. Harvey music video.
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