Love or Hate – Portrait of Osama Bin Laden



  • Size: 32″ x 48″
  • Medium: Ink, marker, images collected from the internet and poetry on canvas then glazed with resin.



I have been asked, “Why do a portrait of such an evil person”?

The immediate response is why should an artist only portray the good?

However if we go a little deeper, the answer is not about good or evil.

Then the next question usually is, “regardless, why would someone want to look at the face of such a bad person on their walls, reminding them of such negative things”?

I understand this question and this is my story. Let me begin by saying that I was born and raised in New York City so the tragic events of 911 are a traumatic event that touches my heart on a personal level as well as societal.

I embarked on the process to create such a work of art with a personal emotional reference. It is in the process to search for transformation of the heart, to evolve from the pain, the suffering, a complex arrangement of emotions, fear, and seemingly unanswerable questions.

This portrait of Osama Bin Laden became my process of healing, to address these questions and to find my  way to an evolved consciousness. That is what all my work is always about, “Transformation”. – To seek and To find, thru my materials and processes, a way from the dark to the light. The artistic process in fact is the healing process and this work of art is a reflection of that process.

I believe all works of art represent the vibrations of its creators intentions, whether conscious or sublime. Therefore “Love or Hate” exists as a popcorn trail of my process of healing. With no hesitation and courage to face the darkest tones if necessary. This is my responsibility as an artist and my contribution to the greater social context. Understanding how art works as a healing component on a personal or societal level is an other conversation. To answer the question why create such a work, it is in understanding the intentions and the power of the creative process. For the viewer, it is an opportunity to also find the courage, to face this work and evolve.

For me, this is art’s highest value and “Love or Hate” hangs firmly in this objective.

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