Angel of Ararat

I dreamed of an angelic being rising from the peak of Mt Ararat. The evening light was illuminated by the moon, the deep blue sky had a pearl essence to it that shimmered a calmness. I could see in a telepathic form, that this divine feminine energy recognized the deep despair of one hundred and twenty thousand indigenous Armenians being forcibly starved and removed from their homes of generations. Instead of seeing tears fall from her eyes, it felt like she was an extension of the mountain, a beacon of transcendental illuminating light, so stable and with a resonance of love that penetrated deep within the earth.

The original size of this artwork can be 36×54 inches with an archival museum-quality print that can be produced at 12 x 18 inches. I recognize after the fact that this work of art was subliminally inspired by Varujan Boghosian. In particular, there was a poster print of one of his works hanging above the toilet in my parent’s guest room bathroom. Every time I took a piss in this bathroom, I would stare at this work of his and marvel at the geometric balance, nuanced textures and elegance he created with his assemblages and sculptures.