Action Painting a 70×70 inch Canvas

I have been working on a 70×70 inch commissioned painting and thought you might enjoy seeing a little behind the scenes of the process.

I regard a commission as a sacred and courageous process when a person entrusts me with a blank wall in their home for a work of art that has not yet been created. My desire is to build a kind of site specific portal that opens dimensions of expanded possibility, like a key that unlocks consciousness using visual language. The functionality of the art in my view is like a map, it can only chart as far as I have traveled. 

Therefore it is up to me to prepare in every way I know how and leap thru that blank canvas into liberated states of ecstatic energy and sincerely record the vibrational qualities with line, color and brush strokes.

This 2 minute video reveals a glimpse from one night of painting, It is not a performance. It has taken a bit of practice to not be thrown off by having the camera present but I wanted to share a little bit of the experience in hopes it might in some way transmit beneficial energy to the viewer.

(P.S. – I was wearing headphones, listening to diverse music while painting but due to copyright issues, I had to create my own music for this video 🙂