Carla Ortiz, Bolivia’s leading film actress.

Carla Ortiz photographed by Gregory Beylerian carla_ortiz_by_gregory_beylerian-2 carla_ortiz_by_gregory_beylerian-3 carla_ortiz_by_gregory_beylerian-4 carla_ortiz_by_gregory_beylerian-5 carla_ortiz_by_gregory_beylerian-6 carla_ortiz_by_gregory_beylerian-7 carla_ortiz_by_gregory_beylerian-8 carla_ortiz_by_gregory_beylerian-9 carla_ortiz_by_gregory_beylerian-10 carla_ortiz_by_gregory_beylerian-11 carla_ortiz_by_gregory_beylerian-12 carla_ortiz_by_gregory_beylerian-13 carla_ortiz_by_gregory_beylerian-14



Twitter: @CarlaOrtizO
Instagram: @CarlaOrtizO
Carla Ortiz is internationally known for her exquisite beauty, exceptional talent, savvy business skills and her philanthropic efforts.


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