360° Sunset Drum Circle

“The Drum Circle is a fun exercise in harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit into a dynamic flow state.”

Hosted an intimate drum circle on the beach Sunday. . Why experience a drum circle? Improvisational drum circles are what I like to refer to as sonic yoga. Meaning it is an excellent presence practice while in a dynamic “flow state”. Another way of looking at it is “fun mediation” which can even include dance. . My creative / life journey depends on keeping the system (body, mind & spirit) calibrated, in harmony, fluid not calcified. We all know what it feels like to feel physically and mentally stiff, tense, and negative energy build up in the system. . For me, the improvisational drum circle experience is one of the great therapeutic activities and what’s amazing is that it requires no experience or musicality at all. If you have a heartbeat, the pulse within is all you need. 🙂