Origins Exhibit at Seyhoun Gallery

Origins Exhibit at Seyhoun Gallery

Selected Paintings, works on paper, bodyworks painted photographs and art film.

Saturday March 25, 2006  6-9pm

Performance Art at 8pm

Come opening night to experience the first ArtCast, an interactive online video link from the gallery to the internet and back. Artist powered by IVT Web

Log on to to see and experience opening night, watch the performance art, see the artwork and interact with the gallery goers.

To view the paintings, Click Here.

To view the works on paper, Click Here.

To view the Origins Painted Forms, Click Here.

Origins Art Video video (edited by Ari Macht):

Installation Photos:


Opening Night Photos (shot by Jose Zakany):


Performance & poetry By:

Gregory Beylerian


Abby Wills

Norma Zakany

Judith Bodart Beylerian

Lunabelle Beylerian

Poetry Read By:

Barry Kramer

Video shot By:

Tara McVikar

Music By:

Yeghish Manukian…………………Duduk

Bedenya Les Freres………………Drums