Painted Nude 2 12 24

The Painted Nude series, till now continues to unfold as a perpetual component of the artistic journey. As a representation of the human existence, essence, captured aspect of the ocean of consciousness for which contemporary science refers to as the unified field. The human form is the physical manifestation of existance as expressed in unique poetiuc form, to be celebrated, cherished and reveered as an aspect of the divine, manifest. Only thru the art can we in some poetic form know the unknowable, comprehend the incomprehinsible. Without the vision of who we are in the sublime, we becaome in a social context, the mundane derivative which is empty of the profoundness that is nessary for life to flourish. Withought this spark of the divine transmitted into our cultureal framedwork, we become lost, without the light of true love, for which is god forms represent, to reveal reality and illuminate the path.