A transcendental pre drawing exercise that invokes inspiration from Shaolin Kung Fu dynamics and Konya, the ancestral village of my great grand parents, the home of Whirling Dervishes and Rumi’s burial shrine.

This is a behind the scenes look into one of the warm up exercises I might do before starting a new work of art. This is 50 seconds of a 10 minute process that is influenced by Shaolin Kung Fu and whirling dervishes. 
I place my self in the center of my drawing area which is surrounded by objects and furniture. I put on sunglasses, close my eyes and wear noise canceling headphones to block out external sounds. I slowly build up flowing, circular movements, eventually entering into a full spinning momentum with limbs expressing multi rhythmical interconnected patterns, while not disturbing the very near surroundings. 
This practice awakens various dimensions of perception and inter connection while using breathing techniques and movement to circulate energy thru out the body. 

contemporary video art by Gregory Beylerian