Divine Geometry

“Humans have a unique power of imagination. Let us use this creativity to solve problems, innovate and leave the world more sacred, beautiful and peaceful for the children, not less.”

“Divine Geometry” Where does it come from, what is it about, in expression and process, materials and construction? In one sense, one word, it is a reflection of now. The timestamp, the date of its addition to the archives reflecting its birth moment attributes a linear orientation to “Divine Geometry’s” existence. From this standpoint is a discussion and from the timeless position there is also a perspective.

The linear standpoint can be recognized by the visual communication platform, looking at the work in line with its predecessors. What comes next is an unknown. What we see is the accumulation of maturity in the textures of medium, coming into play. From the dynamics of watercolors and crayons, graphite pencil and collage like qualities from the masters of mid-century modern art. We can see the ancient masters’ touch of geometric wisdom, when science and spirit, the mystical interlude was united and present in yogi’s and mathematics. The Fibernacci beauty of the cellular structures of life and the abstract aspect of a straight line. Reunited now in a plane of visual communication, merging the passions of photography, painting and the human form, interlaced with new technology systems of producing pigment onto surfaces and artificial intelligence that becomes in service to the creator. And just as the dance between teacher and student becomes dissolved, so does our relationship with the machines that are becoming sentient. I am not afraid as long as harmony is emphatic to the process, art becomes the unified status quo…