nudes by gregory beylerian

Fine Art Exhibitions and Installations

Mixed Media Portraits by Gregory Beylerian

Mixed media portrait commissions

creative collaborations art by Gregory Beylerian

Creative Collaborations

Jockey underwear photo by Gregory Beylerian

Jockey Sport Mesh - Photography / new brand look

murals by Gregory Beylerian

Large Scale Mural Projects

Homeboys portrait by Gregory Beylerian

Portraits at Homeboy Industries

Pole dance as art form by Gregory Beylerian

“Flow Dynamics is the art of Consciousness and transformation is the purpose of Art.”


New artwork is added to the archives regularly. All work is organized in chronological order.

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Ebola Man contemporary art by Gregory Beylerian

Ebola Man

INFO: Size: 33″ x 57″ Medium: ink, graphite and…
Rhino Sculpture by Gregory Beylerian


INFO: Size: 18″ x 8″ x 6" Medium: Porcelain,…
mixed media portrait by Gregory Beylerian

Harry's Portrait

INFO: Size: 17″x22″ Medium: Ink, watercolor,…
mixed media portrait by Gregory Beylerian

Baby George

INFO: Size: 17″x22″ Medium: Ink, watercolor,…
contemporary mixed media portrait by Gregory Beylerian

Portrait of Diego

INFO: Size: 17″x22″ Medium: Ink, watercolor,…
contemporary art by Gregory Beylerian

Washed & Risen

INFO: Size: 24″x24″ Medium: Ink, graphite, watercolor,…


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ancient Armenia by Gregory Beylerian


“The 100 Year Journey” is an installation experience addressing the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

The installation will be located at The Zorayan Museum in Burbank for the month of April, 2015.

If you would like to receive an invite to this event, please let the studio know by clicking the invite button below.


Gregory Beylerian is a multi disciplinary contemporary artist that works in the mediums of photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, sound and poetry. His work crosses over many markets and genres, from solo and group gallery exhibitions, commissions, advertising, design, books and branding campaigns to large scale mural projects.

  • Art Exhibitions

    Solo and group shows, where pure and free expressions are explored and presented.

  • Creative Collaborations

    From murals to design or a new brand identity, bringing creative solutions to commerce.

  • Portrait Commissions

    Mixed Media Portraits or purely photographic, depicting the essence is what makes each portrait unique.