“Flow Dynamics is the art of Consciousness and transformation is the purpose of Art.”

“Don’t conform your dreams to your beliefs, adjust beliefs to support them.”

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection. – Michelangelo

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“Art can go beyond the personal to the societal, from inside to the outside and penetrate culture from the micro to the masses. Without the creative spark that brings art into being, we are lost, without hope or beauty, nor a vision to carry us into tomorrow.”

– Gregory Beylerian


New artwork is added to the archives regularly. All work is organized in chronological order.

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haghpat monastery

Deep Within The Sacred Stones Hold The Vibration of Our Hopes

INFO: “Deep Within The Sacred Stones Hold The Vibration…

Torso From The BodyWorks Series

INFO: “Torso From The BodyWorks Series” Size:…
from the bodyworks series by gregory beylerian

From The BodyWorks Series

INFO: “From The BodyWorks Series” Size: 48"…
mind shackled the new enslavement

Mind Shackled, The New Enslavement

INFO: “Mind Shackled, The New Enslavement” Size:…
lucid corruption

Lucid Corruption

INFO: “Lucid Corruption” Size: 48″  x  36″ …
kinetics described in aesthetic Geometry

Kinetics Described in Aesthetic Geometry

INFO: “Kinetics Described in Aesthetic Geometry” …
the curvature of consciousness

The Curvature of Consciousness

INFO: "The Curvature of Consciousness" Size: 48″…
break free

Break Free

INFO: Size: 36″  x  48″ Medium: Ink, watercolor,…
Mothers day heart

Mother's Day Heart

INFO: Size: 36″  x  48″ Medium: Ink, watercolor,…


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Flow Line Faces Come To The Surface

INFO: “From The Flow Line Series of Faces” Size:…

Preview of New Works

A new series with the working title "BodyWorks" is under way. INFO: “BodyWorks”…

Art used For Book Cover

Book cover art by Gregory Beylerian. This work is part of…

Interviewed on the "Next Step" podcast

Next Step #348: Artist Gregory Beylerian shares his thoughts…
100 year journey

100 Year Journey opens April 2015

“If You are against Genocide, you are for Peace” “The…

20 Works of Art Installed in New Office

INFO: 20 works of art chosen from collection to hang on…
Vignelli Center for Design Studies lecture

Father & Son lecture at The Vignelli Center for Design Studies

http://vignellicenter.rit.edu George M. Beylerian My…

Lo Maximo Event Celebrating Homeboy Industries' 25th Anniversary and Book Release

The 2013 Lo Maximo event celebrated HomeBoy Industries 25th Anniversary…
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