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The LILA Totem Sculpture Garden

The Lila Totem Project is the outcome of the 2017 Artist in Residence program with 180 children in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades. To learn more about this project, the process undertaken and see detail photographs and the time-lapse video of the making of, please click the link below.

Works In Progress

The BodyWorks Series

This “body” of work has been a continuous and evolving theme for over 20 years. Although series titles change, the essential focus remains, “To find new ways of seeing the beauty of the human form.” Conversations on consciousness, empowerment, therapeutic healing thru the artistic experience, etc. are welcome components of this ongoing project. Currently the “BodyWorks” series of artworks are in development for an upcoming exhibition.

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New Additions to Archives

Focus Forms

27 photographic works created between 1997 and 2001 have been added into the online archives.

The Focus Forms series was the first human form body of work I created after studying at Rochester Institute of Technology. All works were photographed using my favorite film camera, the Nikon F4 (designed by Giugiaro). Every piece was intentional photographed out of focus, looking for the perfect balance of beauty in curvature while using the mechanical control to blur – dissolve the minds eye relation to the composition of the human form. There was no photoshop or digital manipulation used in the making of these images. Everything was created in camera or negatives were scratched unintentionally.

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