Working Out Dilemmas

The “Working Out Dilemmas” series of artworks and title is the result of an experience I had in 2018 in which I was experiencing frustration regarding a life issue and noticed the emotional state lingering while painting. Perhaps I was making art as a way to procrastinate from dealing with “Dilemmas”. I could feel the frustration in my brush strokes, as I pushed the pencil through wet paint. I noticed the intensified aggression and resulting textures, colors were bold, movements were swift, my heart was not relaxed. In a way I was distracted, part of me tossing materials around while somewhere in my mind loomed unresolved matters. Yet I persisted and pushed through it, not paying much attention to the work itself, just going thru the motions, releasing energy. At one point I decided to look more closely at what the hell I was doing and began to notice something. There was beauty in the chaotic expressions and my mind found an ease and joy assembling the patterns together into a kind of complementary juxtaposition. Sure enough at this point I was fully immersed in the process and unintentionally  had resolved matters by bringing the mind back into a state of equilibrium.

I am presenting this series in pairs of two as a continuation of the “exercise”. Meaning that the language of color and shape influence the dimension of perception for which the conversation continues via the pairing process. There is no rule to which pieces or how many can be placed together. Look at these works in the same way letters of an alphabet are assembled to provoke meaning. In this case the dimensional language of such visual artworks are not bound by grammatical rules so to speak therefore all combinations are personal and appropriate.