The Painted Nude

“New god forms for the contemporary mind.”

Gregory Beylerian’s unique and beautiful figurative art is created by merging the disciplines of photography, painting and sculptural dynamics with a meditative technique. His work has exhibited internationally and resides in numerous collections.

“The Painted Nude” has received prestigious awards in the United States, Europe and Japan. He has collaborated with major brands, celebrities, world champion fitness professionals, models, dancers, musicians, yogi’s and regular private commissions.

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240 page coffee table book celebrating 20 years of figurative work.

Multiple International awards received  for The Painted Nude.


“The Painted Nude celebrates the divine beauty that resonates in every heart.”

Below are the written experiences of those who posed for the Painted Nude figurative works. These testimonials reflect the transcendental nature of the creative process and a consciously cultivated process to flower and capture the transformation of the human form into a god form.

Marisol M: “I love creating art like this with artists. I love seeing and being a part of the creative process. Seeing the passion and love in their eye’s as they bring their vision – whether it be abstract (as this shoot was) or other forms of art. Gregory, I’m going back through our photo shoot and my god there are amazing shots!”

Leigh P: A friend of mine had the Painted Nude art shoot experience with Greg and described his process as intuitive painting on nude bodies that was really exciting and deeply therapeutic and liberating. I knew immediately that I was intrigued at the idea of being that canvas but was absolutely terrified. I never did anything like this before and was terribly uncomfortable in front of a camera. I had never posed nude for anyone before and yet I left that day feeling inspired, invigorated and proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone. Now I have this incredible collection of art to reflect back on and remember why I said yes in the first place. Never say never, the best things are always waiting for you on the other side of what you fear most.

Mariam V: “It was a fantastic creative journey with you. Creating with you helped me grow as an artist, I felt the power of freedom! You are a true artist with beautiful energy. Thank You!”

Chelsee S: Greg is by far the most connected, expressive, heartfelt photographer I have ever shot with. This shoot was filled with so much safety, trust, expansiveness, connection, joy, play, sensuality, expression, love, liberation & profound empowerment. If you don’t follow him already, I don’t know what you are doing! Thank you @gregorybeylerian for your artistic genius & your love for beauty!

Veronica F: The hardest step she ever took was to blindly trust in who she was- Atticus … and I have to thank the genius behind this Gregory Beylerian for capturing this moment and such a powerful time in my life.

Susie A: Gregory Beylerian is the epitome of divine masculine. He holds the space for women to be themselves and allows for our wide range of emotions, playfulness, and of course dancing which is why he captures the most incredible art of powerful women. How he treats and celebrates women is just extraordinarily beautiful. Check out what he does. I feel the most myself & comfortable when I shoot with him. On International Women’s Day, I want to recognize the powerful men who are the best examples of how men should be, kind, present, honest, strong, grounded, sensitive, empathic, powerful, loyal, appreciative, soulful, encompasses integrity in his work and life, and holds beautiful space for us women to simply be ourselves which helps us be the best versions of us. Thank you  Gregory Beylerian for your gorgeous art and being you.

Katie F: I agree. Gregory Beylerian is absolutely wonderful to work with. A true embodiment of divine masculine – well said! xx

Chelsee S: Shooting with Gregory by far has been one of the most liberating, life giving, shamanic shoots I’ve done with someone. The clarity is profound, fun, and exciting! As soon as the paint comes on the part of self that is beyond the I becomes embodied. Although I am nude I feel what really is nude is my soul. Which is such a fresh breath of air. And of course, Gregory is an absolute legend. His deep respect, clarity, presence, & devotion is felt from miles & miles away. My greatest takeaway is a remembrance of the Great I Am presence.

Selected Works