The LexLive Art Commission

LexLive is a new one of a kind 90,000 square foot entertainment venue with 10 Movie Theatres, 13 state-of-the-art bowling lanes (including four private VIP bowling lanes), a restaurant, three full-service bars, over 40 arcade games & a prize store, space for private parties and more!

Project description: Create visuals for The six designated signage locations facing West High Street. Each large scale work of art will use visual language to communicate a theme defined by the  name it is mounted behind. 

The art will:

  1. Aesthetically support, respect and integrate well with the overall architectural design. 
  2. Communicate clearly to the passer by what the venue offers using visual language.
  3. Be innovative, inspiring and beautiful.

West High Street Facing Large Scale Artworks

Due to the Covid pandemic limitations, architectural photographs of the artworks installed is not currently available.

Each work of art is 7 x 15 feet in measurement.