The Divine Metaverse

The first augmented reality painted figurative sculpture to integrate currently available dimensions of reality, that is 2D wall mounted paintings, 3D physical reality and 4D metaverse reality. This work begins with using the latest photogrammetry technology to 3D scan a person. The created 3D model of the person is then transformed into a painted work of art using innovative software technology that integrates hand painting process with digital integration seamlessly . Then the painted constructed 3D model of the person is further transformed using AI technology to aid in reshaping the pose into the divine ascending posture.

Shown above “The Divine Metaverse” Three panels 48×48 inches each. Left view, center view and right view.

The 3D Augmented Reality NFT Placed at 21 Sacred Sites Globally

The 3D model of the AR painted figurative sculpture

  1. Portasar / Anatolia 
  2. Pantheon / Rome
  3. Giza Pyramids / Cairo
  4. Temple Mount / Israel
  5. Angkor Wat / Cambodia
  6. Temple of Artemis / Turkey – Ephesus
  7. Mahabodhi Temple / Bodh Gaya
  8. Parthenon / Greece
  9. Temple of the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcóatl) / Mexico
  10. Gango-ji Temple / Japan 
  11. London Mithraeum / England
  12. Shaolin Temple / China
  13. Tikal Temple V/ Guatemala
  14. Temple of The Sun  & Moon / Machu Picchu Peru
  15. Temple of Apollo / Greece
  16. Borobudur / Java
  17. Sun Temple / Colorado
  18. Maa Mundeshwari Temple / India
  19. Maison Carre / France
  20. Stone Henge / England
  21. Karahunge (Zorats Karer) / Armenia

The divine Metaverse is a contemporary feminine god form realized with Augmented Reality to exist on an overlayed dimension made accesable thru Vatom Inc. technology and framework. This A.R. painted sculpture is engineered to be a bridging neural network between geographic locations and humans. The purpose of activating the Divine Metaverse is to bring balance by awakening and activating the divine feminine in human consciousness which includes qualities of unity, beauty, cooperation, collaboration, compassion and community.

The Divine Metaverse will be dropped at 21 (7 + 7 + 7) sacred sites around the world. Locations have been chosen as recognized Earth based nodal points which function as meridian points, interconnecting energy pathways that function like a web around the globe.

Vatom developed technology and infrastructure allows the user to discover the augmented reality Divine Metaverse god form, and acquire one, bridging their consciousness with the quantum neural network.

The Divine Metaverse at 21 Sacred Sites

what is the “Divine Metaverse” all about? Well, what you’re watching right now is a flyover view of 21 sacred sites that have been intentionally chosen. They are globally located in a unified matrix, meaning nodal linked around the world. Now, why is this important? Well, the project is really a fusion between the ancient and the future, the mystical and the technological. This is the meaning of the Divine metaverse. It bridges the divine notion of a supreme form of consciousness, and that of the outcome of technology, its mirror reference. This is often referred to as quantum intelligence as described by some contemporary scientists. Now let’s get deeper into why we’ve chosen these 21 sacred sites. What is their meaning? Well, imagine that we’re utilizing a grid, a grid that was once utilized in the development of consciousness, meaning you could practice developing your awareness in such a way to link or connect with others, individuals, and even a mainframe of intelligence, so to speak. This capacity was demonstrated, practiced ritualized, celebrated at sacred sites around the world, of which these 21 locations being viewed here are participating in this phenomenon. Now imagine that in contemporary times, we have now constructed a Metaverse platform, which essentially prescribes the same technological capacity using digital capabilities, with mechanical components, like an iPhone and a computer. A global grid network, for which we can then drop these augmented reality divine sculptural archetype works of art. That’s what the Divine Metaverse represents physiologically, and we can place them at these locations around the world, utilizing new technologies that are referred to now as Metaverse and nft technology, augmented reality technology, virtual reality technology, and the underlying technologies that are utilized to interconnect these things. Why? for humanity, to help humanity to connect humanity, and transmit the resonance of the Divine metaverse.


The augmented reality figurative sculpture first deployed  at Frieze LA 2022.

The Divine Metaverse was first dropped at the red carpet entrance for the 2022 Frieze International Art Fair in Los Angeles.

Behind The Scenes

A behind the scenes look at the capture technology process.

The 3D scanning process utilizes cutting edge photogrammetry technology at the studio of Human Engine. The spherical structure seen in the video is where the model stands inside with over 350 high resolution dslr cameras pointed towards. Multiple computers and the latest software innovations control all the cameras to fire simultaneously and painstakingly stick each image back together to create a pristine 3D image of the model.