Quantum Landscape Noir

“Quantum Landscape Noir” is a 10 x 4 foot painting commission completed utilizing “flow dynamic” principles that have been in development for 25 years. The technique is an adaptation derived from many years of training with a Shaolin master. The purpose and process of the work revolves around one fundamental practice, to be unobstructed by discriminatory thought while maintaining a joyful heart during the creation process. Without any pre meditated ideas of aesthetic technique or narrative, the work follows the intuition which becomes more present as a consequence of the exercise. The completed art reveals this creative process in visual language form just as all art is a reflection of an artist’s state of consciousness. Like the esoteric functionality of a mandala, this contemporary work of art aspires towards the same duality. To be a resonance of beauty in visual form to attract the mind’s eye into the Quantum Landscape.

Painting Details