Power & Beauty

Power and Beauty represents the artwork of Gregory Beylerian between the years 2005 and 2007. In this body of work the artist expands on the iconography of the face and human form as symbols of evolution, consciousness and divinity.

Over the last 18 years Beylerian has explored concepts of transcendence and the visionary experience through the creative process. His work calls into question our perception of self awareness and its resulting physical dimension. Beylerian uses a diverse set of mediums to push the boundaries of familiarity.

In this book of artwork, shapes and compositions take their inspiration from the calligraphic approach of the the Shaolin and Samurai traditions. Influences from contemporary research in quantum mechanics, fractal geometry and the chaos of the Middle East contribute to the visual narrative of this 422 page collection of images entitled Power and Beauty.

A certificate of authenticity art print from Power & Beauty with the studio stamp is signed by the artist and mailed to each purchaser of this art book.

This art book is only made to order which makes them rare and precious.

(A certificate of authenticity art print does not accompany the PDF purchase.)

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Power & Beauty Gallery Exhibition

The Power & Beauty art book was introduced at the exhibition by the same title with works exhibited presented in the book.