Pole Dance

pole dance coffee table book

“POLE DANCE” is a coffee table book containing photographs that capture the art of the pole dance movement. This collection depicts various environments where pole dancing is flourishing such as: pole dance instruction studios, pole dance competitions, pole dance at home and pole dance in clubs and bars.

Pole dancing has traditionally carried negative social stigmas. However today Pole Dancing is growing world wide at a staggering pace as a new form of feminine empowerment. Pole Dancing is also becoming popular as an excellent form of exercise and a legitimate sport as it is being petitioned for inclusion in the Olympics.

Contained within this book project are photographs of: Miss Pole Dance World Champion 2009-2010, Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006-2009, 2011, the Pole Dance instructor of the year 2009- 2011, the U.S. Pole dance champion 2011, a Cirque du Soleil performer, a Los Angeles Police officer, CSI investigator, 69 year old grandmother, lawyer, accountant, a transvestite, a male pole dancer, mother of three, bank teller, school teacher and many more.

This collection of photographs presents the many facets of pole dancing that are emerging and the diversity of people who are embracing it. Whether it is for exercise, sport, sensual expression, the young, the old, the career professional, the housewife or college student. Pole dancing is becoming recognized and validated as an art form and “POLE DANCE” is a coffee table book created to celebrate this beautiful and empowering movement!

A certificate of authenticity art print with the studio stamp is signed by the artist and mailed to each purchaser of this art book.

(A certificate of authenticity art print does not accompany the PDF purchase.)

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“Pole Dance” is a beautiful coffee table book made to order, therefore the cost is considerably higher. This makes each one very rare and more precious. For those who purchase the book, a signed certificate of authenticity will be mailed to accompany ownernership.

Certificate of Authenticity

A certificate of authenticity photographic print with studio stamp signed by the artist is mailed to each purchaser of the book.

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