Opening Eye’s

A commissioned public art mural with the non profit organization LA Commons  and artist Gregory Beylerian with students from the Rose & Alex Pilibos School

Gregory Beylerian collaborated with a group of students aged 11 to 14 to develop a large work of art that was installed in the heart of Hollywood on a building exterior wall at the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Normandie.

Beylerian guided the students thru a process to first create a mission for which the artwork would be based.

“Our mission is to celebrate diversity and open the eye’s of Armenians and all people of the world through the work of art we create together.”

“The artwork was created as a topographical and metaphorical map of the area while simultaneously interweaving the cultural diversity of the city area. The objective of the students thru the art making process was to express the vital importance of developing co operative mindsets that harness coexistence dynamics within a richly diverse ethnic society.”

The students were then exposed to the mediums of drawing, painting, poetry and photography. Then together, the art was built on a well constructed framed canvas, a mixed media collage, which was coated with a weather protective resin glaze. The mission was written on the back and each student signed their name on the finished art as well. Then it was mounted on the exterior wall on Hollywood Blvd for many years reflecting the mission of the students in a multi medium art form.

The City of Los Angeles honored each of the students an award certificate at the unveiling ceremony for contributing to cross cultural unification.

To Learn more about the organization that facilitated this project:

Installed at the corner of Normandie and Hollywood Blvd in Little Armenia, Los Angeles, CA.

The mural was designed to be exterior wall mounted within a frame structure that was removable and re hangable at The Pillbox school where the students were from.

Behind The Scenes

Photos by: Yvette Khalafian