Teaching a Lighting Seminar at Kino Flo

Gregory Beylerian and Jose Zakany are teaching a seminar on continuous lighting for still photography. This seminar is sponsored by Samy’s Camera and Kino-Flo.


Continuous Lighting for HDSLR Photography

Lecture and Demo by Gregory Beylerian and Jose Zakany
In association with Kino-Flo Lighting Systems

March 17th from 6:00pm-9:00pm
At the Kino-Flo Headquarters location
2840 North Hollywood Way, Burbank California USA 91505

HDSLR Cameras have opened up many new opportunities for creating both still and moving imagery – even simultaneously. With these new opportunities comes a whole new way of how to approach a shoot, especially when it comes to lighting. For photographers who are utilizing the full capacity of their HDSLR cameras, strobe and flash lighting just simply fail, but continuous lighting sources are the perfect solution.

Greg and Jose will show the versatility of continuous lighting for both still and motion, studio and location shoots. They will start the evening speaking on how they have successfully adopted continuous lighting into their shoots. They will then move into discussing other variables of continuous lighting such as: workflow, portability for location shooting, combining with ambient light, ISO concerns, syncing with strobes, power consumption, flexibility with color temperatures, creative control, and much more.
After discussing these points they will move outside to show the workflow in action! Greg and Jose will demonstrate different set-ups during a mock location shoot with a model and give you the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the different scenarios proving that continuous lighting sets a new standard.