Interview on The Joan Quinn Show


Great interview on The Joan Quinn show, talking about art, life, technique, etc. Very heartfelt experience with Joan, wonderful interviewer.

Joan Agajanian Quinn, with husband, attorney John J. Quinn, and twin daughters Jennifer & Amanda, has been a supporter of the arts for over 35 years; particularly Southern California Contemporary Art. A Los Angeles native, she is the creator, writer, producer and host of “The Joan Quinn Profiles”, a series of over 400 complete shows. It is a 30 minute interview show with a 2 guest format relating to the ins and the outs of the art world and the many facets of show-business. The Cable TV show airs on a mini-syndicate from California to New York (1993-present).
Guests of “The Joan Quinn Profiles” have included: Javier Bardem, Frank Gehry, Vera Wang, Georgio Moroder, William H. Macy, Manola Blahnik, Paul Morrissey, Charlie Hayden, Savoir Faire, Paloma Picasso, Zandra Rhodes, Oscar De La Renta, Dennis Hopper, Nilo Cruz, Tippi Hedren, John Waters, Richard Tyler, Salome Jens, Henry Jaglom, Michael Vartan, Charlie Shanian, Lela Rochon, Holly Woodlawn, Bob Mackie, Paul Sorvino, Michael Goorgian, Michael York, Don Bachardy, Gay Ribisi, Ed Moses, Laddie John Dill, Brenda Vaccarro, Sally Kirkland, Joan Chen, John Epperson, John Phillip Law and Guy Pearce.

She has been seen on various TV shows including appearances on: Fox News and KTLA (1989), CNN News (1993), E.R. Fox TV (2000), Hard Copy (1995-97), From Hollywood with Frank Swertlow (1997). Having written and edited (3) six minute art segments for the show Tributes (1990-91) she followed it with another TV show. She created, produced, wrote and hosted “Joan Quinn, etc…” from 1990-92.

Joan Agajanian Quinn is a visionary. She has inspired artists from all over the world to paint her portrait. Such noted artists have painted or sculpted her image: David Hockney, Ian Falconer, Bob Graham, Robert Mapplethorp, Andy Warhol, Don Bachardy, Mel Ramos …