Love Sculptures

A collection of 100 poems and heart shaped public works sculptures that resonate dynamics of love as a unifying force for the social infrastructure.

“Love Sculptures” is a series of new works that incorporates two years of research and development to create art by merging the more “traditional” disciplines of photography, sculpture, painting, and poetry with artificial intelligence, the metaverse, nft’s, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

Many questions arise about artificial intelligence (A.I.) and how it will interplay with the artist tool kit, society, and the future of mankind. Undoubtedly, it could be one of the more profound questions we face regarding the current new technologies. A more in-depth reflection will be presented in an upcoming journal but for now, I will say the following. I never felt anything more exhilarating and frightening simultaneously. I experienced the ability to manifest visions that previously only lived in my dreams and pondered retiring from my lifetime of training with paint brushes after only working with A.I. for a few hours. 

What comes to mind first is how it may have felt for a realist painter when the camera was invented. Or the Samurai who spent a lifetime mastering techniques of the sword that their life depended on, only to be retired overnight when the gun was introduced to Japan. There is also the artist Mark Kostabi who was vigorously debated in my college philosophy class because he was creating art in the mid-1980s that was painted by his assistants! Many artists since have embraced the role of art director with a hands-off approach to their art-making process. This would not be the first time we are adjusting to transitions, however, this A.I. leap somehow feels different this time. 

I am reminded of the wise words from a zen master, “Adaption is the secret to life” 

Regarding the “Love Sculptures” presented here. They represent a very NOW moment in the quickly advancing ethos. The outcome of a lifetime commitment to process, tools, mediums, and sensibilities to get to this point. These works reflect my observation of a need to place loving attention at the social interacting point. The public space where people, architecture, and city overlay with humanity. 

The heart has been a central theme in my work since the beginning with countless drawings, including this concept for a heart sculpture I gifted my father 16 years ago. The Love Sculptures represent a hyper-drive evolution process I have gone thru in this time period. 

At the heart of this project is a poetic playfulness, to reiterate the therapeutic value of love, a needed unifier for our global society. Let us not forget that thru love visions are born and without the heart, societies perish.

“Love Sculptures” is a collection of 100 works of art with poetic commentary to inspire a new reality in 2023.

The Artwork

A special edition of prints is now available at 16 x 16 inches on exhibition fiber paper with the artist’s signature and studio stamp on the back.

The original 30 x 30 inches work is available by contacting the studio.