Duduk Music

When I was 20 years old, a relative gave me a duduk CD of Givan Gasparian. I had never heard this instrument before and being of Armenian ancestry first generation born in New York City, I could not believe that I was part of  a people who created such a moving sound of the soul.

Within a few years, I had ridden my motorcycle to California and sought out this instrument among the flourishing Armenian community in Los Angeles that I knew little about. I called the owner of a world music record store in Glendale, Stepan Partamian to see if he knew where I could buy a Duduk, as authentic ones were hard to come by. He said to come in the evening as he had master Duduk musicians from Armenia practicing for a performance, maybe one of them might have a Duduk to sell me.

Little did I know that on this evening I would meet my Duduk teacher, who said thru translation via Stepan, “Would he like a teacher to go with the Duduk”.

Norik was not returning to Armenia, he was choosing to start a new life here in L.A. and I was ready to begin my journey into the spirit of Duduk and awakening the ancestral Armenian spirit within me.

For the next many years, I would visit Norik every week to learn and practice. He taught me the ancient spiritual musical language of the Armenian people and I taught him English. I did not speak Armenian so we bonded first thru the universal language of music.

After many years of dedication to practice, I was bestowed the honor to record on 2 records with Norik and Yeghish Manukian, who are among the few great living Duduk master musicians in the world today. This is the first album I recorded with them at the ARP recording studios. We also traveled to do many concerts in the U.S. and Canada. I was their dam player who is responsible for the continual tone, utilizing a circular breathing technique that allows the musician to play a note (or notes) for the duration of an entire song without pausing even once.

Illumination – CD  Release


Inside Left

Inside right

Norik, Greg and Yeghish

The Duduk Ensemble

Armenian Dancers

Echo of The Mountains – CD release


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Meeting Djivan Gasparyan

Djivan Gasparyan and Gregory Beylerian

Music has been one of my great loves and when a relative gave me for my birthday a cd of Djivan Gasparyan “The Moon Shines at Night” my heart exploded into tears in a way I had never felt before with music. That experience lead me on a path to dive deeply into the world of duduk music and would eventually get to meet and take photographs of Djivan Gasparyan who inspired me so deeply.