“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Einstein

The Dream Big mural and mixed media works of art were created thru the support of the Artist in Residence program at LILA (The International School of Los Angeles) with Greg & Jude Beylerian. 160 students from third, fourth and fifth grade collaborated to “Dream Big” and explore the possibilities of their imagination as a tool of value that is applicable to any field or career path. Einstein said that the imagination is more important than knowledge, thus this project emphasizes the insight he was referring to. The Dream Big  project emphasized the importance of practicing art exercises to nurture imagination as a means to becoming innovative contributing members of society.
The students were first guided thru a creative visualization process, then organized into brainstorming groups. Each student learned to collaborate and co create a vision, bringing their consious dreams into reality using the mediums of sketching, watercolors, pigment inks, styling, costumes, hair & make-up and a photography studio shoot, all accomplished in 3 sessions. Each child visualized where they would be placed in their constructed artwork, what they would be doing and wearing. 160 kids were photographed individually and according to their artworks vision and then photoshopped into their respective places within the art.
Every child fulfilled each step of the process, thus completing the full scope of the project. The satisfaction of bringing an idea to reality was a satisfying experience shared by everyone involved. From art, medicine, science, entrepreneur, etc.. It is the dreamer who bring their visions to life that give us the magic of the world we live in today, this is the message of The Dream Big Project..

The Dream Big Mural

The Dream Big Mural measures 10 feet by 40 feet and is constructed from various mediums including archival acrylic pigment, canvas, photographic elements and a UV protecting glazing medium.

The Team

Greg and Jude Beylerian with the third, fourth and fifth grade students (160 kids) from the LILA School (Lycée International de Los Angeles) who participated in the Dream Big Project.

dream big

All 160 kids that participated in this project were photographed and photoshopped into their drawings used in the mural, below are a few of the photographs. Costumes, makeup, styling and props were set up in studio for every child to assemble their own looks.